Pale-Eyes’ Journal

Author: Pale-Eyes
Released In:

This book was included in Alternative Armor: Iron from the Creation Club

The water does not lie. Every morning I stare at my reflection, and feel myself returning to the Hist.

When the smoke is thick, ours is to think back to the day I met Ehlhiel for the first time, when Peladius tried to make warriors of the new recruits.

With no coin for armor, I covered myself in pots and pans I found lying around the campfire, determined not to fall behind. But while the others laughed, the Bosmer thought me clever, and from that day on, the two of us were inseparable.

Years later, on my hatch day, Ehlhiel gave me my first set of armor. He had the Orc forge one out of iron, in honor of the cast iron pot I wore on my head the first time we sparred. In return, I made the Bosmer an egg-brother, and vowed that I would protect him as if he were my own kin.

Thus when Ehlhiel confessed to what he had done, I did not tell a soul. I will protect my egg-brother until the end.

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