TES2 Daggerfall: The Painting From Wayrest

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After you carry out a little task for Prince Lhotun of Sentinel, his family suddenly trusts you. At some point, Queen Akorithi of Sentinel summons you to her court with a letter. She has the following task:

Qwerty! Welcome to Sentinel. I trust you have had a comfortable stay so far. Let me get right to the point. My son, Prince Lhotun, says you are a well respected and trusted Redguard. I have need of your sort. I am willing to pay you (N) gold to infiltrate Castle Wayrest and recover an heirloom of the late King Lysandus for me.

What Bounty! There is an item, a painting, that is hidden somewhere within Castle Wayrest. I desire this item for reasons you need not worry about. Bring it to me and I will pay your (N) gold.

As it turns out later on, there’s no way this painting can be “an heirloom of the late King Lysandus”. You’re being used by the Queen. What else is new?

Again, this is more of an action quest. Making your way through the deep bowels of Castle Wayrest is a long, tedious activity. Finally, you find the painting. Needless to say, the first thing you wanna do is look at it. And here’s what the picture shows… The scene in the painting shifts and twists. You can clearly see the inside of a tent. Several men in the livery of Wayrest are intensely debating with a man bearing the coat of arms of Daggerfall. One of the Wayrest men slips behind the Daggerfall man, draws a dagger and casually slides it between his ribs. The image fades as the life ebbs from his body.

Some Wayrest guy killed some Daggerfall guy. What’s so special about it?

When you bring the painting back to Queen Akorithi in Sentinel City, she casually asks you if you looked at the painting. Supposedly, if you confess, the Queen will scorn at you for being a little too inquisitive. As far as the game in concerned, this must affect your final reputation with the throne of Sentinel.

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