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OXM UK Interview

OXM UK conducted an interview with Todd Howard.  Head on over and take a look.

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From the interview:

Q: Is it tough to keep track of the universe you've created and ensure everything in the games you create corresponds with the established canon?

A: It is, actually. We have some guys here who have been anointed "lore-masters", who can usually point out mistakes quickly. We actually use the fan wiki online a lot. It's pretty amazing. They did a better job cataloguing it than we did!

Is it safe to assume that's us?  I know we technically aren't a wiki, but do you think he really meant UESP?

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I'm pretty sure that's us. I'm just going on the fact that this site is updated daily whereas the UESP pages are rarely updated unless something big occurs. (ie, announcement of trailers, gameplaty info, etc)

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 I don't know if I feel proud or terrified.

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I'm going to assume he knows the difference between TIL and a wiki, and as such means the UESP. I thought Beth had their own wiki?