Overheard at the Wailing Hag Inn

Released In:
Author (in-game): Logodvild, Ogondar

Logodvild: It was big as a horse, no lie! Right, Ogondar?

Ogondar: Two horses if you ask me, two big stallions—even three!

Logodvild: Aye! Shor’s bones, I’ll never forget the fright when it reared up from the mud and took a snap at my leg! All a-crackle, and that roar—enough to chill the souls in Sovngarde. I never saw a beast so terrible! What’d they call it?

Ogondar: Wamasu! Should’ve named it “Death-lizard” if you ask me. If I hadn’t been there, you’d be dead for sure. Don’t you owe me another round?

Logodvild: Barkeep! More ale!

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