Overheard at The Lazy Fish tavern

Released In:

“Well that was the last insult I was going to hear without doing something. The stuffy bird needed to be brought down a few limbs. He wasn’t stupid, so I had to get him off his guard. We’d seen more stranglers in the area than usual, but avoided them all thanks to Lilanion’s pathfinding skills, so I sent him ahead to find a good spot. When we caught up, Lilanion cried out ‘Vicereeve, you must come look—there is some inscription on this stone, and, sadly, I lack the proper education to decipher it!’ This excited that silly High Elf to no end, and he charged forward, right into the strangler’s vines!

It sure was a good laugh seeing him struggle, and we didn’t let it bite him too much before breaking him free. I don’t think he likes us any better for it, but we got a nice chuckle and he kept his snooty thoughts to himself the rest of the way here!”

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