Ordinator Edict: Mandate Twenty-One

Author: Inquisitor Nivos Uveran

Let it be known:

Creatures cataloged in the Sacred Register of Unclean Beasts are not permitted within city limits. This list includes many milk-producing beasts, owls, tailless apes, dreugh larvae, and egg-laden crustaceans. A comprehensive list of all banned animals is available in the Tribunal Temple’s Library of Doctrine.

All meat intended for sale in the marketplace must be inspected by a Temple-appointed Dreni’urolan, or Deputy Curate of Triune Permissions, in accordance with the thirty-fourth Dictum of Piety. Failure to submit meat for inspection shall result in the forfeiture of any Writs of Divine Sanction, fines, and possible corporal reeducation. Such is the price of blasphemy.

Victory for the Three,
Inquisitor Nivos Uveran

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