Handbills: Imperial City

If you need quality arms and armor, you have to shop at A Fighting Chance. We specialize in custom-fitted armor.

At The Main Ingredient, we only stock the finest alchemical ingredients and potions. We may not be the cheapest, but we are the best.

First Edition is a supplier of books for the Imperial Library. If the Emperor trusts us, so can you. We have a widest selection of tomes and histories in all of Cyrodiil.

Staffs are not for everyone. Only the most talented of wizards can use a staff. If you have what it takes, come see us at Rindir’s Staffs. We can sell you the right staff for the right occasion.

Edgar’s Discount Spells will beat any Mages Guild price for spells. Why pay more for the same spell?

The Copious Coinpurse has goods from beyond the shores of Anvil. All manner of exotic items are available on our shelves. We have the widest inventory in the city.

Stonewall Shields specializes in armor of all sorts, and shields in particular. We use the best steel for quality armor. Viator Accius trained with Orc smiths for 9 years to learn their secrets.

Red Diamond Jewelry is the only jewelry store in the nine cities. We have the best gems and silver in Cyrodiil. We also have the best guards, so don’t even think about it.

When you’re hungry, stop by the Feed Bag. Please.

Jensine’s “Good as New” Merchandise will beat any price at the Copious Coinpurse. We also buy and sell used goods.

Three Brothers Trade Goods has a sterling reputation for honesty. We will always pay what your trade goods are worth, and always charge you a fair price for what you buy.

When you dress, do you wear Divine Elegance? You should. A first impression is priceless. That’s why you won’t see prices marked on our clothing. If you need to ask, you shouldn’t be shopping at Divine Elegance.

Mystic Emporium is the only enchanter’s shop in all of Cyrodiil. We import the rarest items from Black Marsh, Skyrim, and Morrowind. Come see what we have in stock today.

Slash ‘N Smash makes weapons. Really good weapons. You should buy some.

The Gilded Carafe is an Alchemy shop of distinction. We are distinctly CHEAPER than those other guys! Don’t pay more! Shop at the Gilded Carafe!

When you need protecting, wear armor made at The Best Defense. We’ll keep you safe from the sharpest blades.

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