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Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall.

Dowager Queen of Daggerfall, sometimes called the Mad Witch. Nulfaga is the grandmother of the current King of Daggerfall. She is a powerful mystic and necromancer. She has a dragon familiar named Skakmat.

Nulfaga found the location of Mantella. She made a deal with Uriel Septim VII, for if she surrendered the location, the Empire will not use Numidum to destroy Daggerfall. The Emperor did not like her way, still he need to find Mantella in order to use Numidium to crush the troublesome kingdoms. So he sent a letter which was addressed to the Queen of Daggerfall. The intended recipient of the letter should be Lady Brisienna, the member of the Blades that had infiltrated Daggerfall castle.

Then the War of Betony between Daggerfall and Sentinel erupted, and followed by the death of the kings of both kingdoms. The death of Lysandus took a heavy tool to Nulfaga. She went mad. The letter that Emperor sent arrived in the wrong hand, and Lysandus started to haunt the street of Daggerfall.

Uriel Septim VII sent another agent to Iliac Bay with two tasks; to soothe Lysandus and to procure the missing letter. When the agent soothed the spirit of Lysandus, Nulfaga regain her sanity. After the agent recover the Totem of Tiber Septim and gave to one of the seven retrievers, Nulfaga sent the agent to Aetherius to activate Mantella.

She described the seven retrievers in riddles:

"Only Crowned Heads will hold the Totem True
First is One Who Killed, But Did Not Kill Another
Second is One Who Is Two Devoured By Its Young
Third is One Who Made One Slave and Many Free
Fourth and Fifth are Two Who Compete for Mud
Sixth is One Who Brings a Home to the Homeless
Seventh is One Who Lords All, But Does Not Lord At All

There are many speculations about the Nulfaga’s riddles, but the seven retrievers are the Blades, Daggerfall, Sentinel, Wayrest, King of Worms, the Underking and Orsinium. The activation of Mantella led to a Dragon Break to the Iliac Bay area. All seven parties received the Totem of Tiber Septim and Mantella, therefore all seven used Numidium at once. This event is called the Warp of the West or the Miracle of Peace, which changed the political map of Iliac Bay, install King of Worms as a god, and put the Underking to his long wished death.

The fate of Nulfaga is unknown after this event.