From the notes of Vonaraame, High Elf scholar and historian

Released In:
Author (in-game): Vonaraame

Much has been made of Maormer storm and weather magic. I have heard several eyewitness accounts of the spectacle and supposed power of their incantations, and one thing is true: all of the witnesses were quite impressed and fearful. However, few of them had any real knowledge of the arcane, much less the aptitude needed to competently assess the true nature of the spells and rituals.

Many of them suggested that the serpent-totems predominantly displayed by the Sea Elves have some empowering effect, and that they are somehow integral to their magical displays. Honestly, I think it’s just show. Laypersons can easily be astounded by the right combination of Destruction and Illusion magic, and I propose that there’s not much real complexity or depth to the magic of these sea-curs.

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