From the notes of Radsii Andules, scholar

Released In:
Author (in-game): Radsii Andules

We Dunmer may share more in common with our Nord allies than most of us care to admit. As I study their heroes, I see some parallels emerge between the Nords’ near-worship of them and of our own culture of ancestor veneration. The Nords tend to exaggerate and often focus on “heroic” deeds, such as driving the early Elves from Skyrim, but some of our own Saints are memorialized for their feats in combat, as well.

The Nords do not share the mindfulness of their immediate ancestors in the same way my fellow Dunmer do, but they love to brag of their relation to heroes of old. They may be a bit on the brutish side, but if we find these common grounds, perhaps we can better educate and guide them, seeing as we are to be allies.

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