Notes of Maeva Coutenan, explorer

Author: Maeva Coutenan
Released In:

Bangkorai’s variety is astounding. The lush northern region around Evermore is simply teeming with plants I’ve never seen. I’ve pressed several specimens in my journeybook. I’ve likewise taken several soil and rock samples. 

Part of me cannot wait to get home so that I might put them all on display, but I also feel a great love for this beautiful landscape. I have seen many breathtaking vistas in my travels, but the rugged wilderness here speaks to my very soul. I am reluctant to leave. My journey takes me next to Hallin’s Stand and then southward. I am warned that the pleasant wilds give way to a quite inhospitable desert, so I shall return to Evermore soon to prepare. Though I’ve been told I’ll need a guide, I’m certain that an experienced explorer such as myself will encounter no issue, even if I haven’t ever traveled such a desert before. Wish me luck, journal!

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