From the notes of Culalanwe, Sapiarch of Oblivion Studies

Released In:
Author (in-game): Culalanwe

The residual Daedric energies in this place are much stronger than I anticipated, far more potent than any site of Daedric incidence I’ve visited previously. It is remarkable that this much corruption remains even so long after Molag Bal’s destruction here. The Bosmer are a bit superstitious about it, so the area has remained untouched and is perfect for my research.

Preliminary attempts at very simple summoning spells within the disruption are already yielding fascinating results that seem to reinforce some of my planar “ripple” theories, but experimentation has been complicated by strong interference. The guards I have hired are rather skittish about being here, and I worry that their minds are not capable of resisting the corruption for long. Of course, the effects on them may also expose interesting information. I shall continue my observations.

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