Notes on the Bone Forge

Author: Arch Necromancer
Released In:

This book was included in Gallows Hall from the Creation Club

While most necromancers, myself included, prefer to use whole corpses and skeletons, sometimes such supplies are not readily available. The Bone Forge offers an alternative – an altar upon which you may place raw supplies and forge them whole again.

The basic recipe to create a skeleton suitable for most menial tasks is as follows:

One bowl of bone meal

One greater soul gem, filled

Once you place the materials on the Bone Forge, simply lay your hands on it and your skeleton will appear before you. The Bone Forge can only sustain a single creation at a time, but it will remain with you until destroyed.

I have found that adding frost salts will create a Boneman – a type of undead not normally found outside of the Soul Cairn. They are sturdier than the average skeleton and make for a good companion to assist in the gathering of, well, supplies.

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