From the notes of Ancemion, Ceremony Coordinator

Author: Ancemion
Released In:

My search for foreign beverages to present at Queen Ayrenn’s welcoming ceremonies continues to go poorly. I do not know how I will manage to select items that recognize the few foreign dignitaries invited and their cultures without offending the refined tastes of my High Elf brethren. I have been sickened so frequently in this endeavor that perhaps I can make a case that these lesser libations pose an actual threat and should be excluded by necessity.

Every Khajiiti beverage is far too sugary at the very least, and they are often possessed of an unpleasant viscous consistency. Two-Moon Cordial might be acceptable so long as guests are warned of possible tooth- and stomach-aches. Everything the Wood Elves had to offer was absolutely vile—smells of rotting meat and blood, foamy fermented pig’s milk, and bugs (yes, bugs!) in the bottom of bottles. Maybe we can present them as curiosities or only offer them to Wood Elf dignitaries, far away from anyone important.

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