Notes of Anaelle Bertault, scholar

Author: Anaelle Bertault
Released In:

I continue to be humbled by the simple, pure existence of this wandering tribe, and feel truly blessed that I have been permitted to accompany them. Even here, in a place that seems unbearably hostile to inhabitants, people survive and even flourish. 

Their clever inventions that help them survive the harsh lands speak to their ingenuity. Dew collectors, called johads, provide fresh water every morning and catch the rain during infrequent storms. Their garb, which seems heavy at a glance, protects them and even helps to cool them, and their knowledge of migrations and hiding places of bird and beast has fed us well. Though life is hard, the focus on survival binds the tribe together—there is almost no infighting, and all seem to be at peace, not caring about the turmoil of the outside world.

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