Notes of Adalabar, hunter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Adalabar

At long last, we have located an area where dunerippers are nesting. Today we defeated an impressive male, and I have begun work dismantling its carcass and salvaging materials. The large plates and neck-spines will fetch an excellent price. The people of Bergama use duneripper blood in tonics; they believe that drinking it prolongs their lives. I once asked an alchemist in Sentinel if this is true, but he laughed and told me it was not at all—that in fact, the blood can be detrimental if handled poorly. However, he still sold me a powder that will preserve its liquidity, and it will bring us a nice bounty. The claws, of course, we reserve for ourselves, to adorn our belts. Tonight we feast, and tomorrow we reap more of the desert’s bounty and prove ourselves further against these beasts.

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