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Notebook Found in a Deserted Room

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Author -  Theryl


Entry 1

There are no vampires in Daggerfall, everyone knows that. To be sure, one of the fiends will slip in from the countryside every so often but they are promptly found and killed. There are no vampires in Daggerfall, bloodless corpses are never found in the street, there are no more murders than might be expected in a large city, and very few people of worth vanish.

There are no vampires in Daggerfall. Have you ever wondered why? Because the vampires want you to believe that.


Entry 2

It started when I heard rumours of street urchins disappearing. I had time on my hands in consequence of a recent inheritance so I decided to investigate the matter. At every step I was stonewalled and discouraged. Records were unavailable, the guard encouraged me to stop, I was fined for minor offenses I had never heard of, and again and again I heard the same refrain. Nothing was amiss, there was nothing to see, some things are better left alone.

Purely by chance, I stumbled upon the truth. An old cellar door I had passed hundreds of times before stood ajar. I do not know what prompted me to open it and venture down the long, dark passageway and the stairs that led ever deeper beneath the city. In those dusty catacombs I found books, blasphemous tomes that chronicled centuries of depredations.


Entry 3

There are vampires in Daggerfall, they are old and cunning and sly and their claws are sunk deep into the city. They keep themselves hidden away, they feed on those no one will miss, they control their numbers. They are masters of illusions and glamours and they have had centuries to tighten their grasp. We are nothing more than cattle to them, a herd to be fattened and kept docile.

I went to the authorities, I tried to warn them, but they mocked me. They said I was mad, that there were no catacombs, that I had found nothing more than old ledgers in a wine cellar. I tried to warn others and found myself hauled up before the magistrates and charged with disturbing the peace.


Entry 4

I know too much. I can not trust anyone. Anyone might be one of their minions. The guards and the magistrates are in their pocket and the King’s council as well. They are everywhere. They dwell among us and we know them not. There were shadows around my house last night, scratching sounds at the windows.


Entry 5

I have fled my house and taken up rooms in an inn. Even here, among throngs of people, I fear I am not safe. People are giving me strange looks, they ask questions under the guise of friendliness.


Entry 6

I changed inns, moved across the city. Two nights later the barmaid disappeared and a new one took her place. Is she one of their agents? Could she be of them?  Maybe this tavern isn’t safe. No one should know me here.


Entry 7

I changed inns again, told no one where I was going. Told no one I was leaving. The next night the same barmaid appeared. She looks different, but I know it’s her. She’s hunting me.


Entry 8

Something happened last night. My memory is hazy and I am tired and weak. I tried to leave the city today but there are no ships and the gates are closed. Something about an escaped criminal.

They say the criminal is me. They say I killed a girl. I barely escaped the guards. I can hear them in the street outside but they don’t know I am hiding in this old house. I managed to slip inside and lock the door before they spotted me. Maybe if they leave I can slip away and get out of the city.

They know. They are still outside, keeping me here until dark.


Entry 9

She’s coming. The barmaid. I watched from the window as she walked right past the guards and opened the locked door. I can hear her coming up the stairs.

She’s standing there, watching me, pale and beautiful; her blonde curls gleam in the moonlight. Then she smiles at me and I can see her teeth. Those red eyes and those white, white teeth.


Entry 10

Everything is fine. She explained it all to me. There are no vampires in Daggerfall. When I re-read this notebook I’m embarrassed that I made such a fool of myself. I feel so tired, but they’re keeping me here until I get better.  There are no vampires in Daggerfall, anyone who says so is quite mad.

She’s coming to see me tonight. She promised that I won’t be tired anymore. I’m so glad that there are no vampires in Daggerfall.

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