Note from the Temple of Kynareth

Author: Danica Pure-Spring
Released In:

This book was included in Bittercup from the Creation Club

To all adventurers,

I offer you Kynareth's favor, in exchange for your help. There is a gravely ill man in my care at the Temple of Kynareth. Storms of ataxia have weakened his bones, and I fear their heavy rains will wash his life away.

He requires a special soup made of the fruit of an Ironwood tree, charred skeever hide, and salt.

Unfortunately, the Ironwood trees, once a staple of Skyrim's forests, are all but extinct. Moreover, importing the fruit from orchards to the south has been difficult due to bandit raids and embargos from the war. Our first attempt at securing the ingredient was lost. As the man's fever progresses, I fear a second request will come far too late.

I've heard from the ferrymen, however, that an Ironwood grows on an island to the north called Giant's Tooth, but duty bounds me to the temple. But if by chance the winds of Kynareth see fit to bring one to your shop, please deliver it to Whiterun as soon as you can. A man's life hangs in the balance.

Danica Pure-Spring

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