Note on Blighted Kwama

Released In:

Little brother, this is how we did it in our gang.

Sneak in and grab some blighted eggs. This is the hard part.

Get some hackle-lo, roobrush, corkbulb, and anything else around that kwama like. Crush that up well, then break the eggs and mix it all up together. Yes, it stinks.

Rub that mixture all over your armor. The kwama will think you're blighted like them or food. But they won't try to eat you. Except the foragers.

Just stay away from the foragers, don't fight any of the kwama, and you're ebony. No one's going to look for bandits in a blighted egg mine.

And keep your mouth shut. When you go into town, don't brag about how clever you are hiding out in a blighted egg mine or someone will figure it out sooner or later. I know you've had a problem with that in the past. Prove you can keep your mouth shut for a few months and come join our operation in Blacklight.

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