AFFresh: Not So Great Escape

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In version 1.1 of AFFresh the slave you are to rescue was changed from Wuleen-Shei to Sky-Crest. Originally there was only one conversation that would occur after giving a bottle of Shein but this was increased.

While exploring Seyda Neen the player can come across Fine-Mouth who will confront you if you enter his shack.



Why have you entered my hut, stranger? As you see, I have nothing of value.

-Ask something else: Ask what you wish.

-Threaten to steal: Once I entertained hundreds. Now I am just a poor hunter of fish. What are you here for? My clothes? My bedroll? That empty bottle? My laterns? I cannot stop you.

-Offer aid: If you are sincere, if you are not only here to mock me, I know someone who is left in the dark, one who is even poorer than I. I speak of Sky-Crest.

Sky-Crest: Sky-Crest came to visit me back at the beginning of Sun's Height. He brought a bottle of shein and we spoke of happier times. I was out hunting fish when I saw a message carved in a tree. It said Sky-Crest was captured by slavers and was being taken to an island hideout west of here. If you find Sky-Crest and rescue him, I have nothing to offer but my gratitude.

Bottle of Shein: If you find Sky-Crest and bring us a bottle of shein, we can drink it together and speak of brighter days.


The player will head to the island and search for Sky-Crest. Upon finding him and rescuing him he can speak to him.



Do you have the key to these bracers? Will you let me go free?

Go free: You want to set me free? But where will I go? The slavers took everything. Can you lead me to Fine-Mouth in Seyda Neen?

-No: Then I have little choice but to wait here.

-Unlock the bracers: Let us travel together to Fine-Mouth's hut.


The player takes Sky-Crest back to Fine-Mouth's hut.



Sky-Crest: You found Sky-Crest! This is wonderful news. It looks like he has something he wants to give you.



Thank you, Player. I had little enough and the slavers took what I had. But I want you to have these pants. No, no, I insist. I have another pair, and I have kept these well-hidden in my confinement. They may be worn, but still have a little enchantment.

Go free: I have no need to travel now that I am here with Fine-Mouth.

Travel together: Yes, you helped me get back here, and I thank you.


Wuleen-Shei gives the player Soggy Pantaloons which allow constant waterwalking.



Sky-Crest: Alas, when I said I had nothing to offer but my gratitude, I was not lying. My gratitude you have, free and bountiful.

Bottle of Shien: A bottle! Here, you may have the first swig.


From here one of several conversations can occur.


Fine-Mouth: Ah, when we were young. The water was warm, the rains came every day.

Sky-Crest: But we did not have this delicious Shien.

Fine-Mouth: True, true. But we had sap and all the liquors of the marsh.

Sky-Crest: Sometimes I look south over the water and think that it is but a short swim home.

Sky-Crest: But the rest of Morrowind is in the way.

Fine-Mouth: There is a ship coming in a few weeks. The Rockbreaker. It will be heading to Solitude.

Sky-Crest: Oh? And what interest is that to me?

Fine-Mouth: There is a regular trade between Solitude and Thorn. You'd be there no more than three months.

Sky-Crest: To hear the trees again… Sometimes I don't know if I would prefer to be home or to sit here, drink shein, and dream of home.

Fine-Mouth: You can dream here as long as you wish friend.


Sky-Crest: Do you miss the stage, the music, the gatherings?

Fine-Mouth: Yes, all the time.

Sky-Crest: Then why don't you play again? You don't seem injured.

Fine-Mouth: There is nothing wrong with my hands, but age. It is my heart and the times.

Sky-Crest: I don't understand.

Fine-Mouth: I wrote the last song. I came to the end of myself. I could go on performing my old songs, but…

Fine-Mouth: Times change, tastes change. The young no longer want to hear the eight-logs, drop-bottles, and throat sounds. They want Imperial sounds.

Sky-Crest: Some do, some do. I feel more would if they heard the traditional music once.

Fine-Mouth: Perhaps, but how would they hear me way up here? Besides, I am content to hunt fish and beat the occasional tree trunk.


Fine-Mouth: Now that you are free, what do you plan to do?

Sky-Crest: I don't know. I could go back to Riverwalk.

Fine-Mouth: But the idea doesn't appeal to you?

Sky-Crest: I came here to visit you. But I also came to get away. Life lost its color.

Fine-Mouth: You could stay here and hunt fish.

Sky-Crest: I hesitate to say it, but–

Fine-Mouth: Feel free.

Sky-Crest: Are you happy here? You are root-poor. Only eat fish. You can't even afford your own shein.

Fine-Mouth: I am content. Like you said, the world lost its color. I ended up here, hunting fish.

Fine-Mouth: Things could be better. Fishing has been poor, and I have been lazy. I could hunt more, buy shein. Maybe have fish with bread.

Sky-Crest: And you would be happy with that? Would I? Would the color come back?

Fine-Mouth: I am content. Let the world take care of itself.


Having reunited the two friend the player heads out for further adventures.


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