From Nizun-ja’s journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Nizun-ja

Mighty Alkosh has blessed this one with many free afternoons since being asked to seek employment somewhere that is not the tavern. What is the point of working so hard if the occasional cup for my own is not allowed, anyway? Plenty of time now for journal-keeping. Plenty of time for watching.

I am watching a Wood Elf now. This is the Wood Elf’s third time walking by the smith, lingering when he thinks no one sees, eyeing a fine helm on display. Nizun-ja thinks this is no plain admirer. No, he wishes to take this helm and run, sneaky Elf that he is. It would be fine sport, taking this thing, and the Wood Elves love such games. I do not wish to steal, but it would be a shame if such a lovely Khajiiti craft ended up in the hands of some shaveskin like this. I accept the challenge.

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