Nivenor’s Journal

Author: Nivenor
Released In:

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I’ve always despised my husband’s charity, but at least it was just coin. Then he let that stranger into our home for dinner.

He was an odd sort, prone to forgetfulness and a wandering eye. I wasn’t sure if he was staring at my bosom or the amulet around my neck, but stare he did. It wasn’t entirely unwelcome, but I wasn’t about to flirt in front of my husband.

Besides, it turns out he wasn’t staring at me at all. He actually wanted to know about the creepy doll behind me, and asked if I was expecting.

I told him I wasn’t, and the doll was for one of Bolli’s charity cases. Erikur in Solitude asked us to take in a child for reasons that are beyond me. I told Bolli I wanted nothing to do with the urchin, but my husband is stubborn when it comes to his bleeding heart.

Luckily, a few days after the dinner, the boy just disappeared, and I know better than to care.

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