The Nine Divines: Julianos

TES4: Oblivion

Often associated with Jhunal, the Nordic father of language and mathematics, Julianos is the Cyrodilic god of literature, law, history, and contradiction. Monastic orders founded by Tiber Septim and dedicated to Julianos are the keepers of the Elder Scrolls.

Chapel location: Skingrad

Wayshrine locations:

  1. South-southeast of Chorrol–roughly between Weatherleash estate and the Rock Bottom Caverns to the west-northwest
  2. Northeast of Cheydinhal, north of Fort Farragut
  3. South of the Imperial City, on the Yellow Road about halfway between its junction with the Red Ring Road and Cracked Wood Cave
  4. Just west-northwest of the Imperial City on the great central island in Lake Rumare

Blessing: Intelligence and Magicka

TES3: Morrowind

Dialog description: Julianos, God of Wisdom and Logic, is the deity of literature, law, history, sorcery, enchantment, and alchemy. Monastic orders founded by Tiber Septim and dedicated to Julianos are the keepers of the Elder Scrolls.

TES2: Daggerfall

Temple Description by Outsiders: Julianos is the God of Wisdom and Logic, and His temples are called Schools. They don’t really worship Julianos at His temples, but since He is the God of Wisdom, they run the temples more like academies. That’s why they call them Schools, not temples. The School of Julianos is one of the top research institutions in Tamriel, probably second only to the Mages Guild. There’s a lot of rivalry between the Mages and the scholars of Julianos, actually.

Temple Description by Members: The School of Julianos is no mere temple, dedicated to mindless obseisance to a distant and hazy God figure. Julianos is a God, to be sure, but foremost he is a symbol of learning, logic, philosophy, and wisdom. We espouse no moral philosophy other than the goodness of knowledge. As the great Psijic once said, the power of ignorance can truly shatter mithril like glass. That is our enemy. Scholarship is a long and difficult journey, and Julianos does not tolerate those who wish to shorten it. However, He does bless those who generously donate to His School with a temporary increase in their magical skills. While we advocate literacy and education for all Tamrielans, our policy for those who wish to join the School itself is very stringent. We have little time to waste training the slow and the lazy.

Blessing: You will find that for the next few days Julianos has blessed your intelligence.

Knightly Order Description by Outsiders: The Knights Mentor are those bound to follow the call of Julianos, the God of Wisdom and Learning. While the Schools of Julianos do most of the actual teaching, the Knights Mentor protect the sages and fight the ubiquitous forces of ignorance.

Knightly Order Description by Members: The Knights Mentor are brothers and sisters to the School of Julianos. While they do research and expand the libraries of the School, we protect them. And, in turn, they share their expanded knowledge with us. It is a perfect relationship and benefits us each equally. Naturally, only those of exceptional military skill and demonstrated loyalty to the School and God Julianos are considered for membership into the Knights Mentor.

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