Nikussha’s Research Note 2

Author (in-game): Nikussha

By Nikussha, Black Marsh Alchemist

14th of Sun’s Height

I finally discovered why this oasis has healing properties. It’s not the water itself, but rather a nereid who calls these caverns home. This secret may have remained forever if not for our sudden intrusion, for the nereid seems a painfully shy creature.

Clanmother Abaasi has refused to let anyone go near her, isolating the central chamber where the nereid lives. I believe this to be a foolish move. The nereid’s powers could aid our research greatly! The Khajiit shake their heads in ignorance, fearing that it will only anger her.

We argued for many hours over this. Unnecessary, perhaps, but tensions are high. More and more of our people grow ill, and many have already died. And just because I cannot contract this illness does not mean I am unaffected.

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