Nightgate Inn Patron’s Note

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Alternative Armor: Iron from the Creation Club

I just want to talk about this amazing inn, and how great the service is. The innkeeper is a kind, helpful host, who is so effortless in his laziness that he didn’t bother to read past this point.

That’s right, this inn is the worst. The literal worst. Of course, even if you can get past the bad service, the garbage food, and the ghost living downstairs, they’re also bloody traitors!

Not only do they rent to filthy Elves, I spotted one of them hide something in a barrel out back. I’d grab it myself, but it’s probably covered in some disgusting Elven disease that would take nine of the world’s greatest alchemists and a human sacrifice to cure.

If I weren’t a wanted man, I’d burn down the barrel along with this sorry excuse for an inn. For now, this letter will have to do.

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