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New Theme

Sadly, the Poetronachs are still refusing to regurgitate the old theme. Thats OK; it lived a long and fruitful life. Instead we come bearing a new theme option for the website. The Imperial City, as the new theme is called, is a sleek gray theme with red accents. Its available to all registered users. Those of you without accounts are stuck with Aetherius (the minimalist white one).

To change your theme, simply go to Login & Profile, select the Edit tab, and tick the appropriate button. 

Tons of thanks go to Proweler, for helping me make and troubleshoot this theme. If you experience any problems or have any comments, please report them in the appropriate location

B's picture
Joined: 06/14/2010

I love it!

Joined: 11/28/2010

bummer. miss the old theme. i work in a library and the old theme caputured

the inviting feeling of being in an old library.

Melchior's picture
Joined: 06/28/2010

 Very nice. Looks crisp, clean, and orderly. Just like a library should. 

Though I'll still be in Aetherius at work :P

Lady N's picture
Joined: 06/26/2010

We'll work on bringing it back eventually, but the general consensus is that its quite dated. That theme is probably half my age :P

Fugu23's picture
Joined: 06/28/2010

Rather like the new one. Grey isn't so hard on the eyes and the translucent menu with the dragon insignia behind it is a nice touch.

As for a new theme: TES:V might be of some inspiration, yes?