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New Members' Guide - Rules, Answers, and Tips

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Joined: 06/26/2010

Welcome to The Imperial Library! And welcome, also, to this little thread, designed to answer questions and lay out the basics of using the library and the Storyboard (this forum). 


The Rules

We pride ourselves on being a very laid back community. Behave like a halfway decent human at least half of the time, and everything should go great. Don't post porn, hate speech, spam, or outright flames (debates are fine, and you can post raunchy material as long as you give us a warning). Listen to the Librarians on the few occasions they decide to get all administrative. 

The one real rule: no links to scanned magazine articles about unreleased games, and no illegal material. You can discuss their content, but don't actually post them.

The etiquette of the Internet is in effect, of course: try to edit posts rather than double posting, don't use obnoxious fonts or colors, avoid resurrecting old threads without good reason, write in decent English. We're not going to get on your case about it, but it'll make conversations easier.


Why can't I post a new topic? Why are my posts not showing up? 

When you first register, you are only allowed to reply to topics (not post new ones), and your posts go into a moderation que (which means only Librarians can see them). We have a big problem with spambots, and this is the only way to weed them out. As soon as you make your first post (the introduction topic is a great place to start), we add you to a special user group that lets you do everything. 


The search is super confusing. Help!

We know. Sorry. Drupal (the software the site and forum runs on) is very robust, and what the search feature is doing is essentially showing you the insides of the website. 
If what you want to find is information contained in the books and articles of the  library proper (rather than the forums), tick the "book page" box in the advanced search. If what you want to find is in a book from the games, select the game(s) in the category dropdown. You can also use the dropdown to search through the forum only. 
If you're looking for books on a specific topic, the categories tags are another way to go. Any books containing significant information are tagged with a topic, like "molag bal" or "morrowind" - and will show up in the list. This is particularly useful for big topics and words that'd show up in texts that might not necessarily contain any relevant information. You can look through multiple categories, or search within categories, using the advanced search option. 
You can also use google to search within TIL (or any other website) by prefacing your query with "". 

If you still can't find what you're looking for, head over to the circulation desk and someone will help you out.

I really need to talk to a Librarian.
If you can't reach us by sending a PM, your best bet is contacting us on the Imperial Library discord server.


I hope that  these short bullets clear everything up, but if there is anything else you need help with, or anything we can clarify or improve, don't hesitate to ask. Welcome, again, to The Imperial Library!

Joined: 02/09/2014

I would like to use some of the books in the library, for a book I'm writing on Elder scrolls, can I use them if I give credit to the site?"


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Joined: 06/26/2010

If you're using only things in the Pocket Guides and Game Books sections, you don't need to credit us - those are Bethesda material. If you're using anything else (like one of the articles we've written ourselves, or one of the obscure texts by a developer), credit the author by name. If you're not sure, send me a message with what you're using and I'll figure out who made it. A thanks to TIL for hosting stuff is nice, but not required :) 

If you'd like more help or comments on your book, I'd recommend starting a thread in this forum. I know I'd like to take a look.