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New Elder Scrolls RP Group on Facebook

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Joined: 09/08/2015

Hello all writers of this lovely page!

Have you ever wanted to work with a group of other writers in an immersive and amazing world? Have you ever explored parts of a world that noome else has, and written it down every step of the way? Do you wish to write of adventure, political intrigue, massive battles, and making new friends while bathed in blood?

If not, then I urge you to join the Chronicles of Tamriel RP group!

This group is based in the magnificent and beautiful world of the Elder Scrolls Universe. In this world, we are set 150 years after the events of Skyrim and carve a new landscape with dozens of out characters that have yet to come. Join this group to make unforgettable friends, work with others (or go solo) to write beautiful and intricate stories that can take place within the world of Tamriel! We are a brand new RP group, and I ask that all writers here consider joining us in the numerous journies and adventures that will take part here.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in the Chronicles of Tamriel!

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Joined: 08/18/2015

I'll consider joining, though I usually roleplay on forums or in real life :D

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Joined: 05/06/2017

I'll look into joining, I hope the page is still up and running lol 

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Joined: 10/09/2017

Is the page still up? Sounds fun! ^_^