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New Book For Daggerfall Unity

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Hey everyone,

My name is Ted Peterson, and I was a designer and writer on the early TES games. If you haven't heard, a group of talented part-timers have spent the last several years porting all the Daggerfall assets into the Unity engine so it can easily be played on modern computers. It's been a really impressive labor of love, and I respectfully asked if there was something I could contribute, like a new book or series of books. Obviously since Daggerfall Unity isn't an official product, what I write won't be canon, but I would like it to have some value both to the developers and to the players of the game now perhaps being introduced for the first time to TES 2.

My idea is to create a book that helps to tie up loose ends, plot holes, and other inconsistencies in the game's sprawling narrative. It seems that the Imperial Library is the best place to start to collect all of the parts where after you solve the mystery of Lysandus and Numidium, there were parts that weren't explained very well or at all.

Any thoughts, directions, or ideas would be appreciated (with the usual caveat that even if your idea is brilliant, I might go in a different direction).


Tedders, a.k.a. Sheogorath

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Welcome to the forums. I think I speak for everyone that we are excited to have you here and if I had a Fishy Stick I would give you one.

There are a few things that were not explained within the narrative that I personally would love to see expanded.

1.)How did Lord Woodborne gain possession of the Totem of Tiber Septim and what was his plan to use it.

2.)What was Morgiah's first that she promised Mannimarco. In the guide book it is stated not to be her first born.

3.)Why was Sheogorath in the Mantellan Crux in Aetherius. Sure he's a mad god but if anyone would know I would think Sheogorath himself would.

4.)Who was the mysterious Benefactor also present in the Mantella Crux.

One final thing not related to the plot but still left unfinished is the Book series of King Edward. It is left on somewhat of a cliffhanger and the Barenziah books mention he ends up in possession of a mysterious relic called the horn of summoning. This relic was hinted to be more powerful than the Staff of Chaos.

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This sounds like an excellent idea!

There are some inconsistencies between the Narrative presented in the official strategy guide The Daggerfall Chronicles when compared with the in-game accounts of the War of Betony by Fav'te and Newgate. This might be a good area to look at when trying to clean up the lore behind Daggerfall's main quest.

Benefactor wrote:

3.)Why was Sheogorath in the Mantellan Crux in Aetherius. Sure he's a mad god but if anyone would know I would think Sheogorath himself would.

Just to touch on this point, the entire Mantellan Crux is filled with Daedric enemies. If there is to be an explanation, it ought to be a bit broader than just Sheogorath's reasons for being there. ESO-era lore states that dying in Aetherius is fatal for Daedra, but for TES2 you can probably be a bit more flexible.

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Hello, Ted! Fishy Sticks all around! I'm very glad to see you here, as I'm sure all of us are. I'm Rosemary! It is nice to meet you. :)

I know everyone is speaking of the Mantellan Crux, but I must too! What really confounds me is the strange character by the name of the "Blind God" that can be found - a giant skull, it seems. He particularly piques my interest because as the years go on, The Elder Scrolls gets a bit more strict with God-laws, and it would be nice to see some explanation. If not an explanation, then even additional content about him I think would be very nice. Sheogorath's commentary is also interesting - he's no more a God than I am.

I think hearing more from the mysterious Daggerfall iteration of the NIght Mother would be interesting, as well. Marked as a Khajiit in the code but not having the exact outward appearance of one (save for Ohmes). Considerations of her could be enlightening, I would suppose.

That's all I can really think of, right now. Wealth beyond measure, Ted. I'm glad you considered this.


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More, more!

Great questions all around, and again, to be clear, since I'm not a Bethesda employee anymore and DF:U (which I encourage everyone to check out) is not an official Bethesda game, whatever I write is not going to be canon. But if it makes sense and is perhaps surprising too, then I feel my job is done.

Morgiah is an interesting case. I want to give the DF:U a book or book series, but not require them to add features around it. She only has to give up her "first" after the marriage in Firsthold, so the NPC would have to disappear from the world for her wedding, and then reveal what happened. I don't want to give the people who have been working (unpaid) for years to port Daggerfall into a modern, playable engine MORE work as way of a gift, so they've been sweet enough to suggest they could.

Is the Woodborne issue the only problem with the Lysandus/Numidium story?


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Hi, thanks for answering these questions. I'd like to ask what happened to Woodborne Manor afterwards? Might seem like a trivial question but yeah, also any backstory behind the manor?

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One more lingering question from the Lysandus/Numidium story is how was Lysandus and the other royal families of the bay related to the Septims. The Totem can only be wielded by one descended from Tiber Septim or of supernatural affinity. The Underking also stated a true descendant of Tiber couldn't be hidden from him and he gives you the location of Lysandus' tomb.

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Hi Ted,

I've been enthusiastically following Daggerfall Unity for a while now, and although I have a rough overall view of the plot, I have yet to play through Daggerfall. Although now that Daggerfall has reached a feature complete Alpha, I will undoubtedly do so soon. As it is, I only have a surface understanding of the story through summary, in-game books, the official guide, and lore community osmosis, but I feel like I can offer some suggestions.

Stories about Tiber Septim, perhaps as a boy or a young man in High Rock, are one vein you could explore. Despite such an important figure, we know very little about him or at least how he is perceived. We don't have a biography, or very many tales or legends or histories about him.  Not in Daggerfall, nor in the later titles. Especially with his claimed birthplace in Alcaire, it seems like High Rock should be brimming with tales of Tiber Septim's youth (or Hjalti Earlybeard's as it were). Alternatively, we could learn about Tiber Septim and his relationship with his former battlemage, who we now know as the Underking.

A second route you can pursue are stories about the Direnni. We don't have much of anything about them in TES:II, despite their obvious heavy influence in the history of the province. I suspect the Bretons have many legends, tales, or even histories concerning them, since they were the forebears of their race. Not to mention that the family is still around. It would be great to hear of great Direnni heroes or perhaps villains as the case may be. It might lend a little more magic to Balfiera and Direnni Tower, which I understand you make many return journeys to during the course of the story. Heck, even a narrative history of the Direnni or a biography of one of its most prominent members would be fascinating to read. I'm a sucker for a good historical narrative.

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This is awesome, good to hear from you again Tedders. I just rolled a new character in Daggerfall Unity last week, and then I find you here. About loose ends...

Between Redguard and Morrowind, some of the devs, I think you were in on it as well, held a forum rp about shadowy Arcturian Heretics, which I think Michael Kirkbride or Kurt Kuhlmann spun into a book called The Arcturian Heresy. We see the henchmen of both Zurin and the Septims racing after the Totem, but maybe you know of other conflicts the two parties had. What secret wars these groups might have fought in the Imperial City and such, before the Totem was found.

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It seems that a lot of suggestions I intended to make have been made, but I still have many more. If Ted or others are interested, I have in the last several months attempted to make sense of the various sources over the War of Betony, which can be found here. I have many other notes to make however.


In dialogue for the Stronghold of the Blades' Quest, it is stated that the tomb to Lysandus in Hammerfell is a fake. It is not revealed why anyone would build a tomb to Lysandus in Hammerfell. The daggerfall guide and I think perhaps some other sources suggests that Lysandus was buried near Cryngaine Field, which would make sense if they had to hide the fact that the body was not really his. The fake Lysandus tomb we are told is empty however. 


In the book "Jokes," Craghold is mentioned to be an island, known as the Isle of Craghold. There is a siege here mentioned in Newgate's "War of Betony." There are a large number of unnamed islands in the Iliac Bay, perhaps this is one of them?


As far as I can tell, the reason most of the factions could use the Mantella is because as per when you obtain the Totem of Tiber Septim, it needed to recognize the bearer as one of noble or worthy blood. To me at least this means that the bearer could be many non-Septim relatives. However, it's clear by Benefactor's comment that this is ambiguous enough to maybe be debated. This also raises the question of surnames which is something that has bothered me for awhile for this game. The book "Wayrest, Jewel of the Bay," is the only source that gives us a surname for any of the high lords and their factions. It gives the line of current nobles in Wayrest as bearing the name of Septim. This means that Eadwyre should properly be King Eadwyre Septim of Wayrest. Lord Woodborne may be the exception, as I presume Woodborne is the surname and not the given name. We are also told that Lysandus (and presumably therefore Gothyrd) is a descendant of Tiber Septim by the Underking. Are they also named Septim? Something on this would be absolutely beautiful. After all we have lesser lords with full names such as Lord Auberon Flyte.


There's a rumor during the quest "Freeing Medora," that Balfiera used to be an island resort before it was crawling with undead, though that is never mentioned again. And speaking of Medora Direnni, right outside her room in Direnni Tower is what appears to be a house banner depicting a bull. One can imagine that this would be the Direnni banner, especially as it's unique and shows up nowhere in the game that I've found (and I've certainly looked). Just a detail you might interesting that could maybe pop up somewhere.


Dwynnen and Anticlere are the only regions with surcoats named for them. I've always entertained that they might be mercantile centers in regards to clothing, which is why one would buy their surcoats in other regions. Perhaps they are fashionable? This is a mild curiosity.


Another mild curiosity. In unused background info for an Eternal Champion that was ported from Arena, it is said that the EC assisted with the investigation of Jagar Tharn's plans. Anything about the so-called "reconstruction" period that followed after the defeat of Tharn, and the investigation into his plans would be welcome.


Now time for the list of lore mostly derived of in-game books, if for some reason writing about obscure things is desired:

In the user's guide where it lists out the different enemy types (Bestiary), it mentions that the Dreugh used to rule the area of the Iliac Bay in ancient times. The Centaurs are likewise interesting themselves, as the Psijics on Artaeum have recognized them as true followers of the old ways.


In the Real Barenziah, Dark Elves are mentioned as having House Wolves. What's up with that?

In "Notes for Redguard History," it is said that Hammerfell had 5 Legendary Swords, and that one survived the so-called "Goblin Gate." The goblin gate appears to have been a rift in space-time that a horde of goblins came through. So many questions.

"The Fall of the Usurper" is very interesting, how did a lich come to rule Dwynnen? Who are the "Eight Traitors" that defected to the Camoran Usurper?

In the Pig Children, orcs are "40 pertans in height," and "15,000 angaids in weight." Alternate forms of measurement has always been a passion of mine, but this is just another curiosity if you don't wish to expand on it.

I know that the vampire clans in Daggerfall were based on Vampire: The Masquerade. The Montalion clan could teleport, but we got little other real flavor for the other clans as "Vampires of the Iliac Bay" attempts to branch into. The Vampires are probably the coolest factions with the least amount of information.


Even more minor things except from Arena:

What's up with the Fortress of Ice and the knights who guard it? Always found that interesting.

Black Gate appears to something the Dwarves once controlled, before it became a Dark Elf fortress as you noted in 2920. It's always captured my imagination.

The Crypt of Hearts is likewise a pretty mysterious place that I find interesting.

Bretons had a Druid people in High Rock?


I understand that your interests lie primarily in the War of Betony and the main events of Daggerfall, but if for some small chance you do become interested in exploring the unexplained, confusing, or unexplored ideas in Daggerfall, hopefully the full list will be of use to you. Thank you.