AFFresh: The Netch Lure

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After completing the Bitter Smugglers quest Sjovar will invite the player to help him deal with the bandits for good.


Sjorvar Horse-Mouth:

Orders: I have a plan, but I'm going ot need a netch lure. I'm waiting for a contact to visit me, so I need to stay here. The ingredients are easy enough to find.

Netch Lure: Yes, I can lure some netch to take care of the smugglers. Why not just kill them? Eh, this will be more fun. I'll need a dozen each of Bittergreen Petals and Spore Pods.


The player heads out and get the required ingredients before returning to Sjorvar.


Sjorvar Horse-Mouth:

Netch Lure: You found them? Great, hand them over and I'll get started.

-Keep them for now: Well, how can I make the lure, then?

-Give him the ingredients: Okay, let's get a fire started to heat some resin, then we crush the bittergree… Bull netches are usually easy to handle, but this will smell like betty netch blood, and we'll spill it all over the smugglers. I'll take a little shortcut south to the pass and get things ready.

Asking again: I'm about to head south to the pass.


The player heads south to the pass to find Sjorvar already set up.


Sjorvar Horse-Mouth:

Netch Lure: Okay, the lure's planted. Now we hide up here and watch.


The netch lure works wonders and the four bandits coming through the pass are ambushed and killed by the Bull Netch.


Sjorvar Horse-Mouth:

Netch Lure: Float like a netch, sting like a…a…netch. You can have any glass or ebony on the smugglers. This was just a terrible accident, after all. Better than sending Caius a ten page report that has to get pawed over by some scribe in Cyrodiil.

Asking again: What? I don't need another one right now.

Orders: You did good work with those smugglers, Player. I can't think of anything else I need help with right now.




Alternatively you can betray Sjorvar to the bandits by speaking to the bandits before they trigger the netch lure.



I don't know you. What do you want?

Netch Lure: Geidar doesn't let us make deals on our own.


Geidar the Torch:

Netch Lure: A what now? Careful with this one, Geidar, fate is written on the head. Head and stars. Twilight to twilight by bonfire.

-Nevermind: You better get out of here. My sword is as dry as kindling, kept safely in a box.

-Tell him about Sjorvar's plan: Some Imperial is going to lure nech to us? How can I trust you? I can trusth this (race) you say? Okay, I'll do it. My master requests…oh, right, don't talk about– Okay, okay, Geidar, you can do this. Take. Gifts. We take Sjorvar. Nothing to worry. Glorious. Glorious.


After the death of Sjorvar you can speak to Geidar again.



Netch Lure: The netch lure. What a glorious invention. Well, three can play that game. We'll make use of it. What unique beauty. No fire, no flood, no earthquake, but a death from the skies.


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