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Nerevar, Indoril


Back in the Merethic Era, the Chimer followed the Prophet Veloth to settle in the northeastern part of Tamriel (now Morrowind). However the Dwemer had already established their cities in the land. The major differences between two Aldmeri races caused them in constant fighting.

Many centuries later, Nerevar, a warlord of the Indoril clan of the Chimer had a great ambition to unite and rule the Chimer race. He was also tired of constant fighting between the Chimer and the Dwemer, and he wanted to drive out the occupying forces of Skyrim. As long the Chimer and the Dwemer fighting each other, the Nords can easily crush any resistance.

Nerevar made a deal with a Dwemer smith for a special ring. The ring gives its wearer a great power of persuasion; for safety precaution, the ring is also enchanted to instantly kill anyone who wore it except Nerevar. The ring is known as Moon-and-Star. By using this ring Nerevar succeeded to unite the Chimer clans. Then he formed an alliance with Dumac, the King of Dwemer. The united Chimer and Dwemer eventually managed to drive off the occupying forces of Skyrim from Resdayn. Both kings proclaimed a new kingdom of Resdayn. Nerevar and Dumac are known as the First Council of Resdayn.

Then, the issue of the Heart of Lorkhan emerged. Dagoth Ur brought the news that the Dwemer had found the Heart of Lorkhan and Kagrenac the Dwemer Architect was building a new powerful weapon that using power from the Heart of Lorkhan. The usage of the heart was considered profane as Lorkhan is unholy to all Aldmer, even to the Chimer. Nerevar met Dumac to talk about this problem, but the meeting failed. Finally the Chimer and the Dwemer went to all out war, the War of the First Council.

There are two conflicting records on this war.

The first is the hidden writings of the Tribunal Temple, gathered from the oral tradition of the Ashlanders. The book titled "Nerevar at the Red Mountain." The book tells that during the war, Nerevar and Dagoth Ur managed to enter the Heart Chamber. Dagoth Ur killed Kagrenac. Nerevar defeated Dumac. Undecided what to do with the tools, Nerevar summoned Daedric Prince Azura. Azura told Nerevar and Dagoth Ur how to use the tools to separate the power of the Heart from the Dwemer. The Dwemer race vanished from Nirn. Nerevar entrusted the tools to Dagoth Ur and went to talk with the Tribunal. The Tribunal learnt the new power of the tools, became greedy and assassinated Nerevar. Azura came and cursed them and the Chimer race, and prophesized that Nerevar will come back and punish all of them. Dagoth Ur tried to avenge Nerevar but failed and sent off. The Tribunal took the tools and ascended as the gods of Morrowind.

The second book, titled "The Battle of Red Mountain, and the Rise and Fall of the Tribunal" is the official statement of the Tribunal Temple. The book tells that in the confusing battle, seeing that Dumac fell, Kagrenac used his tools upon the heart, and the Dwemer race disappeared. Nerevar entrusted the tools to Dagoth Ur and went to talk with the Tribunal. The Tribunal wanted to use the tools, but Nerevar prevent them and made them make an oath on Azura. When Nerevar and the Tribunal came to the Heart Chamber, Dagoth Ur refused to deliver the tools and became irrational. Nerevar had to wrestle the tools from Dagoth Ur, and Dagoth Ur escaped. Sometime later, Nerevar died, and the Tribunal broke the oath and made themselves gods. Then Azura came and cursed them and the rest of the Chimer race, and prophesized that Nerevar will come back and punish all of them.

Regardless of the conflicting records also the question whether the Tribunal murdered Nerevar or not, the facts are the Dwemer is no more, they disappeared; The Chimer has changed to the Dunmer; The Tribunal (Almalexia, Sotha Sil and Vivec) became immortal gods and ruled Morrowind; And the prophecy of Azura was popular among the Ashlanders as the Nerevarine Prophecy or Nerevarine Cult.

Later on, Nerevar was revered as one of the Tribunal Temple Saints, as the patron of Warriors and Statesmen.

Then, a series of events happened in Morrowind late in the Third Era. A slave born to an unknown parents released in Morrowind. He became the Nerevarine of four Ashlander Tribes and the Hortator of three Great Houses. He managed to kill Dagoth Ur and severed the Tribunal's link to the Heart of Lorkhan. And then he slew Almalexia. A question whether the Nerevarine was truly an incarnate of Nerevar or not is debated by scholars. The facts are Azura's prophecy about the end of Tribunal was fulfilled, and the Daedric Prince herself helped the Nerevarine to achieve the tasks. This led to another question of the motive of Azura helping the Nerevarine. However, those questions and debates are not in this article's scope.