Arthenice Belloq answers your questions (On the Nature of Reachmen)

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Author (in-game): Arthenice Belloq

Librarian Note:

Originally published February 27, 2015, see the original here. This Loremaster’s Archive was accompanied by On the Nature of Reachmen .

Arthenice Belloq, once enslaved by Reachmen, discusses their nature and practices.

Though we hated to stir up the horrible memories poor Arthenice has tried to put behind her, we couldn’t help but add to the inquiries she receives about the mysterious Reachmen. Eventually, she obliged us by providing this new book on the subject. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

“Are the Reachmen their own race of man?” – CodyWatsonDCI

Arthenice Belloq says, “If not their own race, the Reachmen are definitely their own breed. In blood they are closest to the Bretons, but with other tribes mixed in, as they will kidnap the children of every mortal race and interbreed with them. This is, perhaps, the only way in which they are tolerant of outsiders.”

“Where do the hagravens come from? Are they, too, a twisted descendant of Aldmer?” – p4r4digm

Arthenice Belloq says, “The hagravens are abominations. Their eyes are flat and dead, and they live only for injury and domination. The Reach clans do not revere them so much as placate them, and they are hated even by their hag-husbands. Where do they come from? They come from our worst nightmares.”

“A fellow Breton seeks knowledge from one who has undergone a harrowing experience and come out victorious. Your account and others mention the Reachmen’s wanton veneration of demented Daedra lords like Hircine and Namira, but I’ve also heard references to ‘Old Gods,’ and have heard rumors that the Reachmen sometimes keep amulets or statues depicting the Divines. Did you personally witness any instances of Reach religious practice that didn’t involve veneration of Daedra or human sacrifice, or is it just the hopeless romantic in me grasping to find some humanity and nuance in the tribes of the Reach? Divines keep you, kinswoman.” – Bardon of Clan Crimthann, hamlet of Stokmarket, Kingdom of Wayrest

Arthenice Belloq says, “The clan that held me, the Crow-Wives, are primarily worshipers of Namira, though I sometimes heard them utter oaths naming other Daedra Lords. The only active reverence I witnessed among the Reachmen was for Daedric Princes. That said, the clan did possess other strange totems, ancient fetishes I couldn’t identify. They were never named within my hearing, and I never asked about them.”

“The Reachmen seem to view the Daedra, specifically the Daedric Princes, as the ‘Old Gods’ and therefore revere them while scorning the Aedra, which are almost demonic in their eyes. These Old Gods are also associated with their chaotic nature magic, which I have always found interesting while studying them in my travels. They especially venerate Molag Bal, Namira, and Hircine among others. Why are the Princes so associated with nature for the Reachmen? And what about their view for other ones such as Peryite, Nocturnal, and Vaermina?” – Eis Vuur Warden, Wayward and Contract Scholar

Arthenice Belloq says, “I believe the Reachmen associate the Princes with nature because they are tribal barbarians, and brute nature is all they know. They disdain civilization and the civilized, which I think is why they have no use for the more ‘sophisticated’ Princes such as Sanguine and Clavicus Vile. Subtlety and nuance, they believe, are for the weak.”

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