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Namira, whose sphere is the ancient darkness; known as the Spirit Daedra, ruler of sundry dark and shadowy spirits; associated with spiders, insects, slugs, and other repulsive creatures which inspire mortals with an instinctive revulsion.

The summoning date of Namira is 9th of Second Seed. Namira can also be summoned in her shrine by someone repulsive, she does not like attractive person.

Namira in DaggerfallNamira's statue in Oblivion

There is a tale about a person who had dealt with the Prince sometime in the First Era. His name is Wheedle, somehow he was the 13th child of a king in Valenwood. As such Wheedle was in no position to take the throne or even inherit much property or wealth. So when he met Namira, he begged her to be her apprentice (obviously for power) until finally Namira gave up. She gave him three "blessings"; disease, pity and disregard. He became a beggar, a terrible beggar. However, with those "blessings", his name became legendary among the beggars and with the disregard power, Wheedle discovered that the power gave great access to the secrets of the realms. People unknowingly said important things where Wheedle could hear them. Wheedle grew to know the comings and goings of every citizen in the city. To this day, it is said that if you really want to know something, go ask the beggars. They have eyes and ears throughout the cities. They know all the little secrets of the daily lives of its citizens. The complete tale is recorded in the book "Beggar Prince."

When summoned by the Champion of Cyrodiil, Namira spoke to the champion about the Forgotten, a group of fanatical worshippers that lives in the darkness of Anga. Some priests of Arkay were planning to bring light to Anga and "save" the Forgotten Ones. The champion was asked by Namira to use the spell that Namira has given me on the priests, and let the Forgotten Ones finish them off. No need to tell that eventually those priests of Arkay met their unfortunate end in Anga. Namira rewarded her ring. The Ring of Namira has a strange enchantment; while the ring is being worn, any damage the bearer takes is suffered by the attacker as well. Detail conversation of the event can be read here.