Naliara’s Notes, Day 2

Author (in-game): Naliara

Notes taken by Mehdze the Maestro’s scribe, recording his journey through the Summerset Isles.

Just begun and we’ve already landed a solid lead. We stopped at the cottage of an Academy sponsor—some connection of Mehdze’s—and when he heard Mehdze’s proposal for his performance our host lead us to a very curious monument in his collection.

It was a weathered coral monolith from King’s Haven Pass, about waist high, inscribed with Elven script. Our host said it was a waymarker used by Elves many centuries ago.

Mehdze nearly frothed at the mouth when he saw it—he could see the Elven word for “Goblin” as clear as day. I’m excited as well—it’s a good omen for our journey.

Mehdze complained upon retiring that our host’s mattresses—fine things, stuffed with down—were too firm. How is he going to fare in the crags?

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