Nahlia’s Journal 1

I can’t believe it’s finally done! I’m an official knight of the Order of the Lamp! From now on, I’ll serve the Mages Guild the way that best suits me, as a votary. Of course, father would have preferred me to stick with the adepts in their classrooms, but I’ve always found swords easier to understand than sorcery.

I’ve already received my first assignment. I’ll be accompanying a small group of adepts out to an Ayleid ruin tomorrow at dawn. It should be fairly uneventful. They’re just studying some carved runes near the entrance to the structure. How dangerous could it be?

* * *
I guess the guild doesn’t quite trust me to protect the adepts on my own just yet. There’s another votary on this journey, a Dark Elf named Llaren. He’s not much more experienced than I am, maybe one season ahead of my class. I suppose we’re both still just saplings in the grand scheme of things.

At least he’s easier to talk to than the mages in this group. Maybe it’s because I used to be one of them, but I can tell they think we’re unnecessary. That their magic is all they need. I know most of them could probably defend themselves if it came down to it, but magicka can be depleted. As long as I have the strength to swing my sword, I know I can depend on it.

I think we’re getting close. The adepts are starting to perk up, and my weary feet tell me we’ve been on the road a good while now. It will be nice to take a break while the mages examine their runes or whatever it is they’re up to.

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