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Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

The Dragon Nafaalilargus, a loyal soldier of Tiber Septim. Nafaalilargus calls himself as the Proud Jewel of the Imperial Crown.

In order to destroy Prince A'Tor and the Redguard resistance once and for all, Tiber Septim sent Admiral Amiel Richton to Stros M'Kai, the last base of the Redguard Crown. Nafaalilargus was tasked to accompany the Imperial Navy.

In the Battle of Hunding Bay, the force of the Empire met the Redguard resistance led by Prince A'Tor himself. The might of the Imperial Navy was not enough to bring Prince A'Tor down. Richton summoned Nafaalilargus. Nafaalilargus attacked the ship of Prince A'Tor. Distracted by the Dragon, Prince A'Tor was shot by Dram, Richton's Assassin. The Prince fell and the rest of the ship was eventually burned by Nafaalilargus' fiery breath. The battle was won by the Imperials.

Later on, the Dragon was tasked to guard the soulgem of Prince A'Tor. Cyrus infiltrated the Palace through the Catacomb in order to acquire the soulgem. Cyrus was confronted by Nafaalilargus. After a long difficult battle, Cyrus managed to kill Nafaalilargus, the soulgem was taken and Cyrus fled from the Palace.