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The Mystery of N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!

Librarian Comment: 

Posted by Paul on September 27, 2003 at Storyboard (slightly edited by Xan):


Some time ago I stumbled across the N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! book in the game. Having studied some Esperanto on the web I recognized the similarities. As the library does provide much information on it, besides the text, I tried to decode it myself.

Unfortunately the text is not related to Morrowind at all. It is an obfuscated version of a text in Esperanto, picked from the internet. The original text, can be found at It covers the Kva! Kvak!, which is the newletter of the 'La Ranetoj' (the small frogs), the Stockholm Esperanto Society. The translation may not be very accurate, because I only possess a basic knowledge of Esperanto.

Here is what the text actually says:

Kva! Kvak! (also called Kvako) is the newsletter (or something similar) of the 'La Ranetoj' (the small frogs). It is send to paying members and other individuals who, in some way, are involved in la Ranetoj's activities. In it there firstly is information about the locations of the monthly meetings, but of course also concerning the latest activities of the club. Sometimes it also includes other educating or entertaining material.

The internet-based Kvako (e-mail and web versions) are on the one hand another distribution channel for the contents of the paper version. But on the other hand, not surprisingly, the contents of the different versions connot and even must not always be 100 percent the same. For instance, in little circulating paper versions you can publish illustrations that for copyright reasons connot be used on the internet. Yet on the other hand the low costs oft the internet version lift the space limits and allow more content, not to mention being always to date.

These circumstances influence the web-based Kvako, which will also serve as the general homepage of the 'La Ranetoj'.

The original text was encoded by useing the x-system to replace Esperanto's accents and by then replacing some character sequences. To undo the replacements:
ahk -> e
oix -> aux
so -> la (sometimes substituted in the middle of the works)
auw -> oj (word endings)
jhe -> si
Note that all 'de' letter combinations have been deleted.

Have fun!