Mysterious Note [Staff of Sheogorath]

Author: Sheogorath
Released In:

Book added by Staff of Sheogorath from the Creation Club

Dear person who happened upon this letter, it is your lucky day! Nearby you will find the Fork of Horripilation. Oh, how I do love cutlery! “But what is it?” you must be asking. Well, horripilation is the standing of hairs on end due to cold, fear, or excitement — and excitement is indeed upon us, my friend!

Take this fork, and use it to kill two special Bull Netches in single combat. Each will yield an artifact: The Eye of Ciirta, and the Branch of the Tree of Shades. Warriors of another age might find these familiar. Combine these together with some Heart Stones at a Staff Enchanter for a special surprise!

If you’re successful, you’ll be rewarded quite handsomely, with the Staff of Sheogorath (handsome, indeed!) If not, well… I do love to watch a good fight!

Yours Truly,

Lord Sheogorath

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