Mudcrab in the Shell

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This is a fine recipe to use when you’re camping near a lake or the sea, as most of the ingredients are likely nearby, and you won’t even need a bowl.

Ideally, you need a strong drink, such as flin, greef, or shein, or sujamma.

Pick some kresh fibers, just a single stalk is enough. They should be common just about everywhere there are crabs. Break the stalk into finger-width chunks.

If you’re near the Bitter Coast, pick some russula and cut it into strips or chunks. If you’re nearer Azura’s Coast, pick enough saltrice for a handful or so.

Make a fire before catching the mudcrab. You want to start cooking the crab when it’s fresh.

Then lead a crab near your fire and kill it. With a sharp knife, cut out the crop, gizzard, mouth, and gut.

Immediately place the carcass upside down directly in the flames.

Pour your drink into the shell and add the kresh fibers, russula, or saltrice.

Once the drink starts boiling, the crab is done. Kick it out of the fire and let it cool a bit before eating.

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