M’Sharra’s Diary

Author: M'Sharra
Released In:

This book was included in Alternative Armor: Silver from the Creation Club

M’Sharra has a secret.

Not a bad secret, like the Battle-Born’s secret affair. Not a boring secret, like the shopkeeper who hates his sister. M’Sharra’s secret is too good to be believed.

M’Sharra did not always spend her days like this, a cat who pretends to be a dog. No, M’Sharra used to be a bandit warrior, a member of the Crimson Dirks – famous rogues wanted by the East Empire Company, the Clan Mothers of Elsweyr, and lawbringers from here to the Summerset Isles. If the guards only knew, they would come kill her. That is why M’Sharra can never tell.

But her time is short. She longs for company. The other day she took to begging outside the city, and saw her litter-mate, Zaharia, walk through the gates. M’Sharra called her by name, but the Redguard ignored her. M’Sharra is sure she heard her, and it made her sad to know this.

M’Sharra does not want to die a rug. Perhaps she will do something mischievous, and get the Whiterun guards to attack. Then she will be a warrior once more.

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