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Morgiah, Hlaalu, Queen


Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall.

Hlaalu Morgiah is the second child of Queen Barenziah and the late King Symmachus. She has been adopted by King Eadwyre of Wayrest.

During her stay in Wayrest, right before the Warp of the West, she dealt with the King of Worms to broker the marriage to the Altmer King of Firsthold. She tasked the agent of Uriel Septim VII in exchange of some information about Uriel's missing letter. She departed almost immediately after the confirmation letter from King of Worms.

Soon she married King Reman of Firsthold in Summerset Isle. The concept of Dunmer Queen in the land of Altmer is difficult to be accepted for some part of the Altmer societies. They plotted the downfall of Morgiah. However, Morgiah inherits her mother's intelligence and spirit; and so far she wins the political intrigues and games. She gains the nickname of "the Black Queen."