AFFresh: Mixed Up Unit Tactics

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Readers may notice that there is a missing volume as V1 is in base game and this quest begins on V3. The second volume of Mixed Unit Tactics being missing is a reference to the second volume being available in Tamriel Rebuilt's Tamriel Data.

While in Balmora if you frequent Dorisa Darvel's books store she will ask for your help recovering some books.


Dorisa Darvel:

Are you, by any chance, for hire? There are a few books I would like to acquire or recover: Nchulem and Mixed Unit Tactics.

Mixed Unit Tactics: My good friend Codus Callonus runs a bookstore in Ald'ruhn. He is also an author. The last time he came ot visit me, he said he was attacked by bandits on the way back from a trip to Gnisis and they stole the drafts of Mixed Unit Tactics volumes three to five. You can try speaking with him or others in Ald'ruhn who may have some idea where the bandits took the books. If you happen to find them, don't bring them here. Take them to Codus Callonus in Ald'ruhn.

Asking again: If you do happen to find them, don't bring them back to me. Take them to Codus Callonus in Ald'ruhn.


Heading to Ald'ruhn the player decides to get more information from Codus Callonus to find the books.


Codus Callonus:

Mixed Unit Tactics: Yes, I had gone to Gnisis to have a drink with Nash. On the way back, bandits attacked me and took all my bags. I was drunk and...ah who am I kidding? I am old, too. I had few enough drakes on me, and was a waste of their time, but it would save me some effort if you returned my latest drafts. Volumes three, four, and five. I don't know who the bandits were or where they might be hiding.


Asking around town gives more of an insight on where to head.


Redoran Guard:

Mixed Unit Tactics: Bandits on the road to Gnisis? Hm. No, I don't know where their hideout might be.


Drinar Varyon:

Mixed Unit Tactics: Since it isn't my business, Drayn's crew is staying in the Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine, a blighted egg mine near his family tomb.



Mixed Unit Tactics: Funny you should ask about that. I've been meaning to hire someone to remove some some bandits from the Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine.


Tuls Valen:

Mixed Unit Tactics: We have served a few travelers from Gnisis who were assaulted by bandits. The events happened on the road, just south of the Veloth tomb and the old Berandas stronghold. One of them said the bandits spoke of taking something back to the egg mine so they may be in the Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine.


Darvam Hlaren:

Mixed Unit Tactics: There's rumors of bandits in the Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine on the coast. They're not members of the Camonna Tong or the Thieves Guild, so they're taking their chances.

Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine: It's near the coast. Just take the road to Gnisis and when you get to the sign pointing to Gnisis, Ald Velothi, and Khuul, go off the road on the trail to the left. If you get to the Veloth Tomb or Berandas, you've gone too far.


Boderi Farano:

Mixed Unit Tactics: Oh, you hear all sorts of rumors. I've heard there are bandits living in a blighted egg mine somehow. I think it may be the old Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine.


The player heads out to Sarimisun-Assa Egg Mine and find it inhabited by several bandits. On the bandits the player finds Mixed Unit Tactics v3, Mixed Unit Tactics v4, Mixed Unit Tactics v5, and Note on Blighted Kwama which explains how they are able to inhabit the mine. Having completed the quest the player heads back to Ald'ruhn.


Codus Callonus:

Mixed Unit Tactics: You found the books? I can pay you hundred drakes per book from my publisher's advance.

-Nevermind: I'm just a bookseller, Player. I can't afford to give you mor than that.

-Give him the books: Thank you, Player. This will save me hours of writing, and my hands cramp up after a while at my age.

Asking again: You saved me days of re-writing them, and I'm sure my publisher will be happy too.


Codus gives the player 300 gold and you can return to Dorisa Darvel for her gratitude as well.


Dorisa Darvel:

Mixed Unit Tactics: Oh, you found them? I'm sure Codus was happy that he didn't have to rewrite all the new volumes.

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