Merilar’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Merilar

I know what he’s planning. Does he really think he can take all the credit for discovering these spiders? Next time he goes into the safety cage to do whatever it is he does with those spiders, I’ll lock the door. He’ll have no choice but to listen to me then.

What does he mean about me not being right in the head? There’s nothing wrong with me. He’s the one trying to steal my discovery! Does he think I don’t see what he’s doing? There’s nothing wrong with me. Nothing!

He keeps talking to me like I’m insane. I’m not insane! Who said I’m insane? Did I say I was insane? I’ll show him insane!

It doesn’t matter. He’ll see what real power is. The chanting we heard just outside the main chamber must mean there’s something extremely powerful there. If I can get my hands on that energy and bring it back, who knows what kind of discoveries we can make from it.

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