A Memory Book, Part 1

Author (in-game): Fa-Nuit-Hen, Tutor Riparius (transcriber)

Ah, my Baron Who Moves Like Light Glittering Through Crystal. What can I recall about him before his memory slips away?

He was tall—but they’re all tall to one who adopts the stature of a Bosmer. I had good reasons for doing that, and I can almost remember them … something about being nimble and making a smaller target.

But remembering Light-Through-Crystal—you see how it goes, Tutor, I’m so easily distracted. I need your cool words to flow through me, a rippling current, to bring me back to focus.

Focus! That’s the word, exactly! Light-Through-Crystal was all about focus, it was his reason for being. In battle, he moved from point to point almost instantaneously, scintillating from front to flank to other flank, his attacks flashing out like malondo-rays. I remember him when we fought the Five Recalcitrants, how he glowed with varliance and ferocity! Shields shattered like glass, and the ground was littered with fangs and antlers.

And we were triumphant! I never want to lose that day, Tutor. Place it carefully in the Reservoir of Recollection, that I may relive it whenever I need to.

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