TESA Redguard: Meeting The Restless League, Part 2

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Lakene: Found my locket, yet? Have you found my locket?

Cyrus: Ok, Lakene. Here's your locket. Now give me the password.

Lakene: Oh, thank goodness! You got it! I'm saved! Never going back to that Den again, no sir! No more for me! But have your own go at it... The password you require is "spoon". Be careful, Cyrus. And thanks again.

Cyrus' Logbook
Delivered Lakene's wife's locket to him, and received the password to the Smuggler's Den in return. Password is "spoon".

I went to the Smuggler's Den's door and knocked on it.

Urik: What's the password?

Cyrus: Spoon.

Urik: Right. Just a second.

I went inside, in a small room with little illumination. A man stood in front of me.

Urik: What's wanted, mate?

Cyrus: Cyrus.

Urik: Urik. Welcome to the Smuggler's Den. What do you want?

Cyrus: A cozy little operation you've got here.

Urik: Thanks, we like to think so. Who gave you the password, by the way? So I know who I need to beat the hell out of.

Cyrus: Don't worry, your secret's safe with me. Not that this place is such a secret. Half the town seems to know about it.

Urik: Yeah, well, we don't rate quite as highly as the Restless League on Richton's enemies list.

Cyrus: I'm looking for Iszara, my sister. Apparently she did business with you occasionally.

Urik: That's right, she came by from time to time. Last time I saw her, she was after a piece of malachite for some reason.

Cyrus: What would Iszara want with that?

Urik: Dunno. She sure wanted it bad, though. Traded me a League insignia for it, said I could use it to get favors from the League. But since then, the League has vanished from Stros M'Kai, so I'm stuck with a worthless piece of paper.

Cyrus: Does the Restless League operate out of the Smuggler's Den?

Urik: We've always worked together, since way back before the civil war. Mutual interest and all that. But the League boys must be laying low, I haven't seen any of 'em in weeks. No matter. Smuggling's good business, with or without Pirates.

Cyrus: The Imperial occupation doesn't seem to have cramped your style much.

Urik: Everyone needs Smugglers, like it or not. For instance, Richton likes his Valenwood wine. The League makes sure none of it arrives legally, and we make sure the Palace cellar stays well-stocked. Everybody wins.

Cyrus: Suppose you wanted to get into the Governor's Palace. Could you do it?

Urik: Not me. The Governor tolerates our operation, sure, but he doesn't trust us. Richton's a stickler for security -- And no wonder, the League would love to put a knife in him. Nobody gets in the Palace without a damned good reason.

Cyrus: Still, I'm surprised Richton gives you such a free hand.

Urik: We have our uses. Like if you don't want the Emperor to know how much taxes you're actually collecting. As I said, everybody wins.

Cyrus: I could use that insignia Iszara gave you. Can I have it?

Urik: That depends. What's in it for me?

Cyrus: You claim to be Iszara's friend. I'm trying to find out what happened to her, and I need that parchment to do it.

Urik: I never said I was her friend. Just that I knew her. What makes you think I care what happened to her?

Cyrus: Because I know my sister. She would have liked you. She always did have bad taste in men.

Urik: Is that supposed to be an insult? Hehe, hell, you may as well take it. I can see if I don't give it to you, you'll just stand here talking all day, and I got work to do.

Cyrus' Logbook
Got a parchment of Iszara's with the Restless League insignia on it from Urik.

Cyrus: It's been a pleasure, Urik.

Having received the insignia, I decided to return to Saintsport to talk to the Restless League woman again.

Yaeli: You again.

Cyrus: Let's talk.

Yaeli: Your time is running out, Cyrus.

Cyrus: Here's the proof you've been waiting for... A Restless League insignia from Iszara.

Yaeli: I don't know where you got that, Cyrus, but it will do. The insignia scrawled as such buys you at least an audience with the League. Climb on aboard, we're off before the Imperials know I'm here.

I was taken to the Restless League's hideout. Once I was there, I spoke to the woman again.

Yaeli: What do you want?

Cyrus: Thank you.

Yaeli: Don't thank me, buster. Just get about your business. I have things to do.

Cyrus: Where can I find Basil?

Yaeli: I have no idea. Go ask someone. And don't go poking your nose where it doesn't belong, or you'll be sorry.

Cyrus: I need a ride back to Stros M'Kai.

Yaeli: Look. You wanted to come. And here you stay until I hear different from Basil.

Cyrus: Later, then.

I left the Hideout's Docks and headed towards the houses. There, I encountered a Redguard man who I talked to.

Cyrus: Where can I find Basil?

Pirate 3: He's over on West Dock. Just don't poke your nose into what doesn't concern you.

Cyrus: I need a ride back to Stros M'Kai.

Pirate 3: You're going nowhere 'til Basil is finished with you.

After finding one health potion on top of one of the houses and another on top of a barrel, I spoke with another man.

Cyrus: I need a ride back to Stros M'Kai.

Pirate 4: You're the guy looking for Basil, right? You can get back to Stros M'Kai when it suits Basil.

Cyrus: Where can I find Basil?

Pirate 4: You're our nosy visitor, right? Look over on West Dock. He's waiting for you. And don't get into anything. I'm keeping an eye on you.

I then spoke with another man.

Cyrus: Where can I find Basil?

Pirate 5: Basil's over on the West Dock. Go speak with him. And don't get lost where you don't belong.

Cyrus: I need a ride back to Stros M'Kai.

Pirate 5: You need Basil's okay, or you go nowhere.

I went near the West Dock and spoke to another man.

Cyrus: Where can I find Basil?

Pirate 6: Just came in with Yaeli? To talk with Basil? Check over on West Dock. Go straight there, and don't get into any trouble.

Cyrus: I need a ride back to Stros M'Kai.

Pirate 6: Go ask Basil. He says who stays and who goes here.

I eventually found Basil next to a map of Western Tamriel and I decided to speak with him.

Basil: Well? You want something?

Vander: There's the bastard that spoiled my raid.

Cyrus: That was you? I remember two jokers who couldn't handle their sabers, but you must have been hiding.

Vander: You see me now, though, don't you?

Basil: Vander.

Vander: Plain as day right here--

Cyrus: Are you Basil? You're a hard man to find.

Basil: Mystery maintenance, Cyrus. What do you want?

Vander: We don't need to talk to him! Let me--

Cyrus: Listen here, spotlight, I'm not here for you. I know everything you have to say. Draw your sword anytime you're ready.

Cyrus, whose words had been in reply to what Vander had said, now directed his words towards Basil.

Cyrus: Where is she?

Basil: Wrong strategy this early in the dialogue, son. The game is to find out what the other one knows first, not show how much of the map you can't read.

Vander: Can he die, now?

Cyrus: Step off, Shiny. We'll get to that in a minute.

Basil: See, I thought you were Iszara's Messenger Boy, which would've granted a longer audience, but you're standing there looking like the last loose end of many.

Cyrus: I'm Iszara's brother, and all my loose ends have led me to you.

Vander: She never mentioned a brother.

Basil: And she's been part of us for a long time now. And from her omission of reference to you, I infer little pride or confidence in you... A judgement that seems well-supported in the course of our brief and none-too-gratifying acquaintance.

Vander: He has no idea where she is either.

Cyrus: Shut up.

Basil: He's got the same cordial manners as his sister, that's for sure.

Cyrus: Why are you still preying on Stros M'Kai?

Basil: My. How glibly you parrot Imperial propaganda. Perhaps an ignorant tourist like you wouldn't notice that we touch only the Empire's and Richton's ships. Excitable ship owners and Imperial fellow-travelers raise a hue and cry against plunder and piracy... But the people of Stros M'Kai know the real targets of our activities.

Cyrus: So you lead this band?

Basil: If you say so.

Cyrus: So you plan to take on the Empire?

Basil: A'Tor did that already and died for it. The Empire won't suffer us to live against her, or a history written without her name, so there's no point to resist so overtly.

Cyrus: How very restless of you.

Vander: Let me cut this smart ass.

Basil: I'm not suggesting the League greet the Empire with open arms. I propose we greet them with secret arms, with subtle stings, with blood and coin split in stealth. Sublunar threat. Our purpose is to hint, ever so politely, that there is no profit in Hammerfell... And no prospect of profit. When the Empire despairs of getting rich in Stros M'Kai, she'll turn her hand to more profitable enterprises.

Cyrus: If there's no point in resisting why do you stay here?

Basil: Hear that, Vander? The man thinks to probe my innermost thoughts. Should I share with him a list of my heart's desires?

Vander: Your list is too long, Basil. I'll tell mine. It's short... And to the... Point!

Cyrus: Your list will be short enough, fool, if you pull that sword on me.

Cyrus turned towards Basil again.

Cyrus: I've seen the Cyrodiils expanding throughout the rest of Tamriel. You're not going to stop them.

Basil: Hark! The wise man speaks! But let me advise you, that's the worst thing you could ever say to Iszara when you find her.

Cyrus: When and why would have Iszara ever joined you? Did her association with you get her killed?

Basil: There are some who cannot admit a demise, who in the face of defeat create theories of retaliation. But the secret of theory is that truth doesn't exist. Iszara disappeared appropriately into the very same void.

Cyrus: I hope that meant something to you, because it gets me no closer to Iszara. I want to know what happened to her now.

Basil: Wake up, sucker! We're Thieves and we're bad guys. And Iszara was a part of it whether you like it or not. In case you didn't notice we're hiding out here, so it stands to reason if Iszara isn't here then she's in trouble. Don't you think the Empire might be able to help you solve this mystery a little better? You're wasting your time here.

Cyrus: What kind of trouble would she be in?

Vander: He can't help us, Basil. It's my turn now.

Cyrus: Come on!

Vander attacked me. I fought him and he surrendered before I could kill him.

Vander: You win! I yield!

I resumed my conversation with Basil.

Cyrus: I'm done with your bully boy. And I left him alive.

Basil: And now the altruistic brother-pup wants his bone. First, here's a bandage. Tidy yourself up. Unless you were planning to use that sweet little puppy tongue to lick your wounds clean.

I was given a bandage.

Cyrus: You like breathing, Basil?

Basil: Fine. Here's the key to Iszara's lodge. We've already ransacked it for clues to her whereabouts, but maybe you can find something we couldn't.

He gave me the key.

Cyrus' Logbook
Basil gave me a key to Iszara's lodge and suggested looking around for clues to her whereabouts. In particular he mentioned a journal he couldn't open. In return for learning the contents of the journal, Basil promises to tell all he knows about Iszara's disappearance.

Basil: Clues particularly in a journal, one we can't open... If you can tell me what's in the journal, I'll tell you what I know about Iszara's disappearance. I expect to hear what Iszara says in her journal before I'll say anything more to you.

I then decided to talk to Vander.

Vander: You are wounded. Take this bandage.

Cyrus: Thank you.

Vander: For your good will. And my spared life.

I used one of the bandages and it became a bloody bandage. I tried to talk to Vander again.

Vander: Come to boast of your triumph?

Cyrus: Let's end it. For my sister's sake?

Vander: And what of my men? What of their sake?

Cyrus: Those men gave me no choice.

Vander: We were attacking that ship for its known Imperial allegiance, which--

Cyrus: That's your war and I'll not be drawn in it.

Vander: Even if you add to its casualties.

Cyrus: You're still standing... Forget it, then.

Vander: Cyrus. I... Want to find Iszara, too.

I went to Iszara's lodge, near the East Docks, and opened the door using the key given to me by Basil. After trying to open the locked journal with various objects, I tried opening it using the bloody bandage, and it worked. After I read the journal, a movie started.

Iszara's Journal

First Seed 26, CE 864

This is my last entry, as I'm taking leave of this maddening torpor, the time to act is at hand!

Basil and the rest of his lazy Wolves are content to mourn our Prince and hide in shadows, even while we have the very thing the Governor fears most! For months my love has lain in amber while the Empire firms its hold.

Hammerfell will be lost forever if Prince A'Tor is not restored. I am decided, if the League can't shake its slumber, then I will steal the soulgem as they sleep!

By morning I'll be in Stros M'Kai, where there are others who might give me the help I need.

Cyrus -- The Gypsy woman told me you would come to Stros M'Kai. I laughed in her face, of course, but I leave this warning if only for respect of one's elders.

If the blood-lock is opened then I know it is you, and I ask you to heed the next: leave me my dilemma and go back to whatever road you love best these days. You've had ample practice.

When Cyrus had finished reading the journal, Basil came in. Cyrus threw him the journal.

Cyrus: Where is she?

Basil looked at the journal and then closed it.

Basil: I don't know. I was hoping this would tell me.

Cyrus: What do you know then?

Basil: When Iszara joined the League she changed its face. She gained us the attention of Prince A'Tor. Before Iszara, we were a wild pack of nationalists with sharp swords and enthusiastic schemes. Our wanting reputation kept A'Tor from announcing an open affiliation, but we worked for him in secret removing Forebear traitors on the mainland and killing Imperial emissaries too long lingering at our borders.

Cyrus: And then the war came all the way to Stros M'Kai.

Basil: Where A'Tor should've won. He had Hunding's fire with him that day, he would turn back Tiber Septim from Hammerfell forever! The League wasn't invited to join in the battle for discretion's sake and we were forced to watch from afar! And at that battle, we saw the face of the New Empire. They sent a dragon, and no man could stand against it.

Cyrus: It killed Prince A'Tor?

Basil: A'Tor challenged the beast, but he never reached it. A poisoned arrow from Richton's henchman felled the Prince just as he rushed headlong to meet the Dragon.

Cyrus turned towards Basil.

Cyrus: What does this have to do with Iszara?

Basil: As A'Tor lay dying, his Wizard, the Archmage Voa, tried desperately to save his life. The Dragon was upon them and there was little time. Voa gathered A'Tor's lifeforce into a soulgem just as the fire rained down. The Battle of Stros M'Kai ended then, and Iszara's trouble began.

Cyrus: Get to it.

Basil turned his back to Cyrus.

Basil: In another story altogether, the League got its hands on the soulgem, reservoir of the Prince's power, and the narrative of wishful thinking began. The Restless League now had the means to bring back the Prince! We could restore Prince A'Tor from the soulgem, and under his banner fight the Battle of Stros M'kai again--

Basil turned towards Cyrus again.

Basil: --This time rightly at his side! And then that little Witch took it.

Cyrus: Iszara took the soulgem?

Basil: And with it the fate of Stros M'Kai. The Prince's spirit within that gem was the spark to ignite a revolution. When Iszara stole the soulgem she stole from us that fire.

Cyrus: Where would she have gone with it?

Basil: If we knew that, you wouldn't be here right now. The only reason we let you in the Hideout was to find out what you know... Or what this could tell us. We both seem to still be looking for our answers yet.

Cyrus: I'll be back if you're lying.

Cyrus left Iszara's lodge.

Cyrus: And I'll spare no one then.

Basil: Find the soulgem and you'll find Iszara.

Cyrus went back to the ship that had brought him to the Hideout.

Cyrus: Take me back to Stros M'Kai.

Basil, who was still in front of Iszara's lodge, started shouting.

Basil: This is bigger than your sister, Redguard. Remember that. This is about the kingdom! This is about Hammerfell now.

Yaeli's ship left the Docks. Vander approached Basil.

Basil: Damn fool.

Vander: Maybe just the damn fool we need to find Iszara and the soulgem.

Basil: Maybe so...

By sunset, Cyrus was back in Saintsport.

Next, I would finally find out where Iszara was and what had happened to her.

But that is a tale for the next part of the Redguard Storyline.

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