TESA Redguard: Meeting The Restless League, Part 1

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n the sixth part of the Redguard Storyline, I was thrown into the Catacombs, where I found a Prisoner who told me to go to the Lighthouse and signal the League after I escaped from the Dungeon. After fighting many Guards and avoiding several traps, I managed to escape, but now the Guards in Stros M’Kai were under orders to attack me on sight.

The first thing I did was to go to Kotaro and get the gold that he owed me.

Cyrus: I delivered that amulet like you wanted. I think you owe me some money.

Kotaro: Indeed I do! I am… Amazed to see you! I’d heard there was some misunderstanding with the Governor. Perhaps you were, um, wanted by the Imperials? I never put stock in rumors, however. Here is your 200 gold, as promised.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Paid by Kotaro for amulet delivery.

Next, I went to the Draggin Tale and spoke with Tobias.

Tobias: Ach! There he is, Lizard! I told you they’d be no match for him!

Dreekius: We heard about your capture, Cyrus!

Tobias: I was never worried, laddie! They didn’t see you at Sancre Tor, when that Akavir mongrel–

Cyrus: Tobias, I have to tell you something important. Iszara was a part of the Restless League.

Tobias: Whaaat?!

Cyrus: It’s true.

Tobias: Start at the beginning.

Cyrus: I met the Governor. Beautiful man. He told me that Iszara was in the Restless League and that he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Tobias: But he’s been hunting them! He knows more than that!

Cyrus: I believe him about Iszara. He’s the kind that would gloat if he could. He’s still not found their Hideout. I have to find it first.

Tobias: How did you escape?

Cyrus: Good looks. The Catacombs let out near the Harbor, and they seem to sprawl for miles. I didn’t see any Dragons, though.

Tobias: It must have returned to Cyrodiil.

Cyrus: From starvation, I guess. There’s no one left in the League to feed it. They’re all in good hiding somewhere here in Stros M’Kai. And Iszara is with them. I have to find the Restless League, Captain.

Tobias: They say they can be contacted through the abandoned Lighthouse over in Saintsport —

Cyrus: Aye, a Leaguesman I met in the Catacombs told me that I could signal his mates from there, but he didn’t tell me how.

Tobias: I don’t know the signal.

Dreekius: Sorry, Cyrus, I don’t either.

Cyrus: Damn.

Tobias: You bes’ find someone who’s seen it. And hope they haven’t told the Empire about it already.

Cyrus: I don’t have much time. Thanks again, Tobias.

Tobias: Cast off, laddie. And don’t forget your old Captain.

Having spoken with Tobias, I spoke with Dreekius.

Dreekius: Cyrus! I heard that Lord Rotund got you, but that you got away. Be careful, though. Imperial patrols are everywhere now. Richton’s incensed anew, heh-heh! Good lad! By the way, that Captain you rode in with was looking for you. Brennan, that’s his name. Oh, and Siona wants to see you too. Getting to be the well-sought sort around town, now, eh?

Cyrus’ Logbook
Dreekius says Captain Brennan is looking for me.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Dreekius mentions that Siona wants to see me.

Cyrus: I think I got away too easy, like maybe the Governor is watching me, hoping I’ll lead him to Iszara.

Dreekius: So you saw no sign of her in the Catacombs?

Cyrus: There was a section closed off from me, true, but I don’t think she was in there. The Governor admitted he would have executed her if he knew where to find her. I don’t think he cared enough about me to lie to me. Dreekius, I need to get in contact with the Restless League.

Dreekius: Try the Lighthouse over in Saintsport.

I left the Draggin Tale and went towards the Docks, where Siona usually was. On the way to Siona, I encountered Crendal, who I spoke with.

Crendal: Ey! Redguard! What about a drink?

Cyrus: Any ideas on how to contact the Restless League?

Crendal: Here’s an idea, Redguard… Tie a gold chest around your ankle and sink yourself. Hahahah.

I also encountered Mariah. I spoke with her as well.

Mariah: Sir?

Cyrus: Excuse me, Mariah.

Mariah: What can I do for you?

Cyrus: Any ideas how I can get in contact with the Restless League?

Mariah: You could try the Smuggler’s Den, I’ve seen them there from time to time.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Mariah says the Restless League might be contacted through the Smuggler’s Den.

After talking to Mariah, I went to Siona.

Siona: Cyrus, sweetheart.

Cyrus: Hello, Siona. Miss me?

Siona: Cyrus, don’t be such a stranger! By the way Captain Brennan is looking for you. But if I were you, I’d stay away from him. He’s a traitor!

Cyrus’ Logbook
Siona says Captain Brennan wants to see me.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Siona says not to trust Brennan, that he is a traitor.

Cyrus: Is there anything I should know about Brennan?

Siona: Listen, Cyrus, I happen to be friends with a couple of Fatboy’s Guards, and I heard them talking about paying Brennan to set a trap for “that Redguard the Governor’s so hot after”. Do be careful, won’t you?

Cyrus’ Logbook
Siona says that she heard Imperial Guards talking about Brennan having been paid to set a trap for “that Redguard the Governor’s so hot about”.

Cyrus: This Restless League — How could I contact them?

Siona: Dangerous business that, but it’s your skin… There’s shady dealings in Maiko’s basement, the Smuggler’s Den it’s called. They could be connected to these League pirates.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Siona says the Restless League might be contacted through the Smuggler’s Den in Maiko’s basement.

I decided to go and talk to Brennan anyway.

Cyrus: Brennan, I understand you wanted to see me.

Brennan: Yes, I’m glad you came. But I’m taking a great risk talking to you. You’re wanted by the Imperials, you know. Please, come below deck where we can talk in privacy.

Cyrus: So this is the thanks I get for saving your worthless hide. I know all about your deal with the Governor. Draw and defend yourself, traitor!

Brennan: What…!? You…?!

I fought Brennan and killed him. I then went below deck and fought two Guards that were supposed to ambush me. After I killed them, I went into the dormitory and took the gold from a chest. Afterwards, I left the ship and went to the Yokudan camp, where I asked Coyle about the Restless League.

Coyle: Hey, Cyrus!

Cyrus: Hello, Coyle.

Coyle: Cyrus! It’s good to see you again!

Cyrus: Do you know how to contact the Restless League?

Coyle: Well, no. But I’ll find out.

I left the camp and went to the apparently ruined village of Saintsport, where I was attacked by a madman who I had to kill. I took a bag of gold lying on the ground and then I used the key given to me by the Catacombs prisoner on the door to the Lighthouse. I went to the top of the Lighthouse and examined the pyre there.

Cyrus: This pyre’s been lit recently. Someone’s been here.

I lit the pyre and used the signal (flash flash flaaasshhh!) to bring a ship to the docks.

Cyrus: Finally, a ship’s coming. Time to find out what these Pirates know.

I went down to the Docks and spoke with the woman that had come.

Yaeli: What do you want?

Cyrus’ Logbook
In response to the signal from the Lighthouse, a ship captained by a Redguard woman arrived.

Cyrus: Where the hell is my sister?

Yaeli: And who the hell are you?

Cyrus: One of your men, a prisoner of Richton’s, gave me a key before he died of his wounds. And your code is keeping the local crazies up.

Yaeli: Thrown into the Catacombs you were? Well, you’ve been busy. I’m impressed by the escape.

Cyrus: Just tell me where my sister is. Now.

Yaeli: It is not my place to give you that information. You’ll need to talk to Basil, head of the Restless League.

Cyrus: Take me to Basil, if you’re just his running girl.

Yaeli: Basil doesn’t just speak to anyone, especially a fool who’d use the signal during the day, with all the Imperial warships around. If they find our Hideout, well… Be sure you’ll be the first one we’ll kill.

Cyrus: Surely you’ve found a way to deal with Richton’s fleet.

Yaeli: Aye, dealt only to avoid them, not meet them ship to ship.

Cyrus: I heard you torched his flagship a while back.

Yaeli: A sly attack of ours. We have the passion, but not the means to tackle his ships on the open sea. We choose to remain in the shadows, causing our esteemed Governor to keep one eye open when he sleeps and check his closets for cutthroats. Haa… He won’t find us.

Cyrus: What makes you so sure others don’t know where your hideout is?

Yaeli: No one knows the waters around Stros M’Kai like the Restless League. We move in the shadows and lines they don’t even know exist.

Cyrus: I know my sister is in the League. Now take me to her.

Yaeli: I’m not sure why I am even talking to you. How do I know you are who you say you are? I’m going to need some proof.

Cyrus: Proof? Of what?

Yaeli: Proof that you deserve the League’s attention. Something that shows me I’m not taking a huge risk sailing you to the Hideout.

Cyrus: I’m Cyrus, brother of Iszara. And I demand to know where she is.

Yaeli: I’m the one asking the questions. How did you get into the Lighthouse?

Cyrus’ Logbook
The Captain of the ship that responded to the League signal from the Lighthouse won’t cooperate unless she is given proof that I am worthy of the League’s attention, sufficient proof to justify the risk of sailing me to the League’s Hideout.

Cyrus: I thought I already had your attention. A couple of your boys tried to take the ship I sailed on.

Yaeli: That was you? Huh. A necessary raid, I’m afraid. Captain Brennan has been moving a lot of goods for the Empire. But because of your involvement, that’s one we’ll have to wait on.

Cyrus: Well, I already took care of that one.

Yaeli: Hmmm. I hope you did it with style, but it’s not good enough to get you to the League.

Cyrus: Look, if it’s gold you Pirates want…

Yaeli: Surely you know by now we’re not about wealth and thievery. This is about honor, Redguard history, and the Imperial cancer that plagues Hammerfell.

Cyrus: Come on.

Yaeli: Scoff if you like, shore-dog. But if I’m going to put my neck on the line, sailing you out to the League, you’ll need to bring me a sign of trust, not gold.

Cyrus: Risk. Is that what you’re worried about? I’ve taken ten lives worth of them, and as far as I’m concerned, talking to you is one of them.

Yaeli: Those are your risks, not mine. Don’t lecture me on your life of adventure, either. I need nothing from you and you need my help. I’m doing you a favor by staying here this long.

Cyrus: I’ll be back with your proof.

Yaeli: I’ll give you a few hours, no more. I’m not waiting around for the Imperials.

I left Saintsport and went back to the city. I decided to try to get into the Smuggler’s Den, so I spoke with Lakene, who I remembered knew how to get in.

Lakene: Oh… You again.

Cyrus: I know you’ve been gambling at the Smuggler’s Den, Lakene. And I need to get in there.

Lakene: Damn. Where’d you hear that? Look that’s not something I’m proud of, so keep your voice down. Let’s move this conversation elsewhere.

I followed him to a nearby cliff.

Cyrus: Gambling away your wife’s silver locket? Not good. Tell me what I need to know. What do you know about Iszara, the League, and that Den?!

Lakene: Calm down, please! I know nothing. I’ve only been there to gamble a few times! I’ve heard the League goes there, but I ain’t seen them or this Iszara woman! I swear. And if my wife finds out about the gambling… I’ll be dead!

Cyrus: Then just give me the password, and I’ll take it from there.

Lakene: Sure, sure. But you gotta help me first, Cyrus. Please. Get my silver locket back from that Rollo cheater and I’ll give you the password. I swear. Please.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Lakene says he’ll give the password, but only if I get his wife’s locket back from Rollo.

Cyrus: Rollo?

Lakene: Smelly guy, cheats at cards. He won that locket through trickery, the foul dust-belly!

I went to Rollo’s house, which was near the Draggin Tale, and spoke to him.

Rollo: Yeah?

Cyrus: Could I have a word with you?

Rollo: What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy?

Cyrus: Do you know a woman named Iszara?

Rollo: Iszara… Scrawny little thing, Chicken legs, no hips? Yeah, I know her. Used to come by, pestering me all the time. You know how women are. Not my type though. Rollo likes ’em larger.

Cyrus: Watch your tongue, cretin. That’s my sister you’re talking about.

Rollo: Oh, big brother’s a tough guy, eh? Topping it pretty high, aren’tcha, coming in to my house talking that way. I haven’t seen her in months anyway.

Cyrus: What do you know of the Restless League?

Rollo: Bunch of idiots, if you ask me. You can’t fight the Empire. They’ll learn though.

Cyrus: How are things in town with the Imperials in charge?

Rollo: What do I look like, the Town Crier? Same old, same old, as far as Rollo’s concerned. Politics is for suckers. I got a sweet deal with Gerrick, no need for me to worry about who’s sitting in the Palace.

Cyrus: What sort of deal do you have with Gerrick?

Rollo: You know, that fool Elf that runs the Trading Post. Pays me a silver penny for each crate I bring up from the Docks, no lie! And I only have to go down when the bell rings, means a ship’s arrived. Yep, Rollo knows a good thing when he sees it.

Cyrus: Bell?

Rollo: Sheesh, you are as dumb as you look. The bell, in the Bell Tower, right outside.

Cyrus: Do you know anything about the Smuggler’s Den under the Cartographer’s Shop?

Rollo: Maybe I’ve heard of it. Yeah, I’ve seen some guys hanging around there, supposedly in the Restless League, but it’s all talk. They never do anything. You can’t get in there without a password, anyway, so you might as well forget about it.

Cyrus’ Logbook
A password is needed to enter the Smuggler’s Den.

Cyrus: I know you’ve been in the Smuggler’s Den, Rollo. Tell me the password and I’ll leave you alone.

Rollo: You got the wrong guy, I don’t know nothing about no password. I was just telling you what I’d heard.

Cyrus: You’re a bad liar. Tell me the password or else.

Rollo: Or else what? You’ll kill me? I ain’t armed, and I know you old-time Redguard types don’t go in for that. You don’t scare me.

Cyrus: Lakene tells me you have his wife’s silver locket. Any chance I could get it back?

Rollo: Stupid Lakene! He’s a loser at more than cards. Deserves what the missus will give him when she finds out. It’s mine now and I ain’t giving it back.

Cyrus: I need that locket. Hand it over.

Rollo: I got your silver locket right here, pal. Take a hike, I’m busy.

Cyrus: Rollo, I have half a mind to kick your teeth in.

Rollo: Half a mind sounds generous. Close the doors on your way out.

Cyrus: It’s always a pleasure, Rollo.

Rollo: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Rollo didn’t want to talk anymore. I went to Gerrick and talked to him about Rollo.

Cyrus: I’m afraid I may have made his acquaintance. Large, loutish, unwashed?

Gerrick: Rollo, yes, a rather unlikely fellow, even if you don’t mind the smell. But he’ll tote a bale for a silver penny, and I can’t even hire a Mule for that.

Cyrus: Rollo works for you, then.

Gerrick: An exaggeration, to be honest. He’s supposed to bring up my shipments from the Harbor when they arrive – A simple task, you would think — But he’s drunk or asleep half the time and doesn’t hear the bell.

Orsone: Rollo >>Squawk<< Rollo knowo >>Squawwwwwk!<< Brainpan bone-o!

Cyrus: Bell?

Gerrick: My old friend Favis rings the bell to signal the arrival of a ship, so the merchants know to come down to the Harbor to trade. Rollo is supposed to listen for it, but I’ve had such trouble with him. Ach, but you don’t need to listen to an old Elf complain!

Cyrus’ Logbook
Gerrick says that Rollo is supposed to fetch shipments from the Harbor whenever he hears a bell rung by a fellow named Favis. Ringing the bell announces the arrival of a ship.

To get Rollo out of his house, so I could sneak in and take the locket, I had to ring the bell. I went to Favis and tried to talk to him.

Favis: Thought you said you were going to fix my bell. Hmm? Hmm?

I climbed up on the rope hanging from the bell.

Cyrus: Hmm. Nothing wrong with this bell. Just the old man’s ears that need fixing.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Favis says the bell is broken. Examined bell, and it seems to be in perfect working order.

Interestingly enough, I found a monocle on the ledge there. I realized it was Prnell’s, so I took it. I went back down and spoke with Favis.

Cyrus’ Description of The Monocle
A glass monocle I found at the Bell Tower.

Cyrus: Favis, my friend.

Favis: You’re Cyrus, aren’t you? Thought so.

Cyrus: I checked, and there’s nothing wrong with the bell.

Favis: Good lad! I was right! That fool Prnell said it didn’t need fixing. But I knew it needed fixing. So you fixed it, eh? Well, I’m much obliged.

Cyrus: Your friend Gerrick, the Shopkeeper, was telling me about you.

Favis: My friend, you say? Hmph! All right as Elves go, but sure does carry on. Then there’s that Rollo, Gerrick’s hired hand. Rude as the day is long, and lazy to boot.

Cyrus: This Rollo sounds like an interesting fellow.

Favis: Sometimes I have to ring the bell a good five minutes before he wakes up and gets moving. Gerrick has me watch out to make sure Rollo’s up before I stop ringing the bell. Don’t know why I don’t just go give him a kick in the pants, be easier.

I attempted to ring the bell.

Favis: *Don’t* touch that bell rope! Unless you want to be remembered as the cowardly villain who murdered a kind and dutiful old man just so he could play the fool with that good man’s bell.

I realized that Favis wasn’t going to let me ring the bell. So I went to Prnell to see if he would let me wave the flag.

Cyrus: Prnell, I found your eyepiece. Here you go.

Prnell: Well glory be! How can I ever thank you, Cyrus, my boy? I know! I’ll let you wave the flag. It’ll be our little secret, eh? Go on, take it! Taaaake it. An opportunity like this don’t come along every day.

Cyrus: All right, I think I’ll take you up on that.

Prnell: That’s the spirit! You’ll soon see what I’m talking about. Nothing like it, I’m telling you!

I went outside and waved the flag. The bell started ringing and Rollo came out of his house and went to the Docks. I quickly went to Prnell and gave him back the flag.

Cyrus: Here you go, Prnell. Thanks for letting me borrow it.

Prnell: Of course, Cyrus my boy, of course! I wasn’t pulling your leg about the flag, was I? Makes life worth living, even at my age.

While Rollo was gone, I went to his house and took Lakene’s locket from a chest.

Cyrus’ Description of The Monocle
It’s Lakene’s silver locket that he wanted from Rollo.

I left his house and went to Lakene, to give him back his locket.

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