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Published 04/25/24. Original article can be found here.

Meet Tribune Alea Idolus, an elite agent of Count Calantius of Skingrad, in a new Meet the Character!

Count Calantius,

I write you today to recommend Tribune Alea Idolus for special duty in your personal service. I understand you are searching for a marshal with the flexibility to handle complex challenges in these troubled times. Rest assured, Tribune Alea possesses the intelligence and discretion to act as your agent in any situation. She possesses a rare combination of courage, resourcefulness, and personal honor, making her perhaps the finest young officer it is my privilege to know.

While I could go on at length about Tribune Alea’s sterling service, I imagine you want to know more about the person who wears the uniform. First, Alea Idolus is a native of West Weald, born and bred in the Colovian Highlands. She is the daughter of Quatrius Idolus, whom you may remember as a wealthy, upstanding merchant. Quatrius died of the Knahaten Flu when Alea was still quite young, but he left her a generous inheritance and made arrangements for her to receive a first-rate education.

One might expect a young lady of means to choose a comfortable life, but Alea Idolus preferred more energetic pursuits. She grew up riding, hunting, swimming, and climbing all over the sedate country home her father had left her, and especially loved fencing. I have heard the family servants had a hard time keeping up with her! In any event, Alea enlisted as a common legionary in 2E 573, even though her wealth and family ties could have easily bought her an officer’s commission.

Some people join the Imperial Legion to see the world, others to test their mettle. Legionary Alea Idolus served in Bangkorai and Reaper’s March without seeing much action. Instead, her true test came right here in Colovia when Duke Varen launched his rebellion against Emperor Leovic. She joined Varen’s forces and fought valiantly in the defense of Kvatch. Later, now-Sergeant Alea Idolus marched to the Imperial City under Duke Varen’s banner and helped storm the White-Gold Tower in 2E 577.

After the Soulburst, Alea Idolus returned home to the West Weald Legion. She fought to defend Colovia in the confusing times following Emperor Varen’s disappearance. When the Daggerfall Covenant invaded the Heartlands in 2E 580, she won great renown at the Battle of North Hook. Sergeant Alea Idolus rallied her comrades and led her outnumbered forces to victory after the officers of her cohort fell. For her valor and initiative, I had the honor of promoting her to centurion and awarding her the spurs of an Imperial knight.

Centurion Alea Idolus quickly proved herself to be an outstanding officer, demonstrating a rare talent for thinking independently—the result of her unusual education, or so I would assume. Once again, her record of success demanded recognition, and she earned the red diamond of a tribune.

In my opinion, Alea Idolus is not only an exceptional Colovian legionary. She is a hero, tried and tested in both the fire of battle and the storm of troubled times. I have not the slightest doubt that she will prove herself invaluable to my lord count. And I believe you will soon come to trust her judgment and devotion every bit as much as I do now.

Your servant,

Commander Merian of Feldagard Keep

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