Meet the Character: Fa-Nuit-Hen

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Author (in-game): Fa-Nuit-Hen

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Published 02/21/24. Original article can be found here.

Meet Fa-Nuit-Hen—lord of Maelstrom and legendary Demiprince warrior whose exploits are renown even amongst Daedra!

**A letter found among the personal effects of Mages Guild scholar Pascual Girien, recently deceased due to wounds inflicted while engaged in a relatively new activity—sword fighting.**

You want to know about me? I’m flattered, but what more is there to say about Fa-Nuit-Hen than what has already chronicled in the tomes and legends of Nirn and Oblivion? I’m nothing more than a humble scion of Boethiah, an accomplished duelist, and a master of the sword.

Very well. Since you insist. Besides, the stream of challengers coming to my arena has been slow of late. So, I’ll indulge you. Still, I must reiterate that I do this at your insistence. You have certainly gone out of your way to contact me. How many times? At least four that I recall, including this most-recent request. Really, I don’t know why you bothered. There’s nothing interesting or exciting about me.

I’m the Demiprince of Maelstrom and the Multiplier of Motions Known. Both those names are cumbersome and entirely too complicated to say. I prefer to simply be called Fa-Nuit-Hen. My unimposing demiplane, Maelstrom, consists of an unending series of martial challenges that test contenders from across the myriad realms of existence. I suppose any warrior worth their salt has heard of my arenas. If they haven’t, that’s a sign they’re not skilled or perceptive enough to warrant my attention. From what I gather, you’re some sort of Daedric scholar. As such, I can see why you need to ask me these questions, but if I wasn’t currently so unoccupied, you would be beneath my notice. Try not to take that too personally. I’m particularly focused on the artistry behind martial prowess. If every soldier with a bow, spear, or sword caught my eye, then my tastes would not be very refined, would they? If you lack the skills to interest me, then you must spend the time and effort to gain them.

Do not mistake me for one of those aristocratic patrons who adore art but would never deign to practice what they admire. I studied under my Barons Who Move Like This and mastered every fighting style in the Aurbis. My Baron Who Moves Like a Shivering Droplet said that my blades move fast enough to split light and sever rain from a thundercloud. I know how difficult combat can be, as I have experienced it several times over the eons. I’m sure you’re familiar with the legends. I know you mortals still sing songs of how Morihaus and I would drink taverns dry and lay waste to the beasts of the land.

I once heard a tale where I slew an entire battalion of Xvivlai to protect a small shepherd boy in his hut. It’s a very flattering story despite all the inaccuracies. There was no reason for the Xivilai to attack the shepherd hut, not when there was a fledging city not half a day’s march away, but I digress. Stories are entertaining and often preserve snippets of truth, but only a fool would believe every detail. It was two battalions of Xivilai and the shepherd boy was a buxom maiden.

I don’t remember the details well, but Tutor Riparius reminded me that I once cleaved an Infernium in two with one arm bound behind my back. I remember the ground. How uneven it was that day and how the Infernium’s many legs scuttled across the rocky terrain. If I think hard enough, I can still recall the light on the ruddy dirt and the way my blade slid between the Infernium’s scales.

I still set out on the rare adventure or two every now and again, but my life goals have definitely shifted. I want to enjoy the best displays of strength and acumen from across all of existence. I want to transform the unused sections of Bedlam Veil into greater and grander arena challenges. I want mortals and immortals alike to entertain and thrill me with their struggles at battle and their drive to survive. This is what interests me. If you want to continue this discourse, then that is what I want to see. Put aside your scholarly studies, pick up a martial weapon, develop your skill, and fight well.

Do this and you may hear from me again.

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