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Published 03/27/24. Original article can be found here.

Learn more about Beragon, former Imperial scribe and seasoned adventurer, in our latest Meet the Character!

Count Calantius,

A person of interest has come to my attention, a Wood Elf named Beragon. In accordance with your standing instructions to investigate anyone of significance or importance operating in Skingrad or West Weald, I looked into his affairs. My report follows.

Beragon is not really new to Skingrad, of course. A former adventurer turned Imperial scribe, he acquired a townhouse in our city almost forty years ago and took up a life of letters, both here and in Imperial City. But several months ago, Beragon resumed his old career as an adventurer. I’ll delve into that later.

As far as I can tell, Beragon first appeared in West Weald around 2E 538, traveling with a band of adventurers. He was known as Beragon Sharp-Dagger in those days. A Wood Elf’s byname usually offers important insight into their character, but I could not find out how Beragon acquired his. It may be connected with a long-ago skirmish at a place called Ninglenirre Pass, where Beragon reportedly saved a village of Wood Elves from bandits by luring angry lurchers into the bandits’ camp. Or it could simply be related to his weapons of choice, a pair of, well, sharp daggers.

From what I could ascertain, Beragon and his adventuring company delved into Ayleid ruins around West Weald, including an unsuccessful attempt to penetrate the depths of Niryastare. The group disbanded after their failure. In 2E 544, Beragon retired from adventuring and took up residence in the Vasidor townhouse near Skingrad’s south gate, which the family rewarded to him for his help in a matter involving misplaced deeds and patents of nobility. He lived quietly, devoting himself to various studies and leisure activities. This is where Beragon’s story takes an interesting turn.

A few years after his retirement, Beragon was offered a position as an Imperial Scribe in the court of Emperor Moricar. Imperial Scribes are, as you know, much more than simple clerks. Every communication to or from the Ruby Throne passes through the hands of the emperor’s scribes. Many of these contain highly sensitive material, and senior scribes must be masters of codes and ciphers. In short, Beragon became a spymaster and diplomat as well as a record-keeper, and we can only guess at the exact nature of his duties in Moricar’s court. For the next fifteen years, Beragon spent most of his time in the Imperial City. He retired again in 2E 566, resigning his Imperial post shortly after Emperor Leovic succeeded Moricar. 

On a related note, an adventuring spirit must run in his family. I have seen Legion reports concerning one Eveli Sharp-Arrow, a young Wood Elf who has begun to make a name for herself in adventuring circles and is reported to be Beragon’s younger sister.

How did Beragon come to my attention at this point in time? Turns out that he has taken a keen interest in the activities of the group known as the Recollection. While I was investigating the Recollection, I met witnesses who told me about a mysterious Wood Elf who was also asking questions. In at least two instances, this stranger actually helped chase away Recollection raiders. When Beragon’s name finally surfaced, I realized our retired adventurer was no longer as retired as I had been led to believe.

On a personal note, I have met Beragon once or twice in social situations. Like most Wood Elves, he’s small of frame but quick and nimble. He struck me as an amiable person, more bookish and reserved than many Wood Elves I’ve encountered. Beragon seems to prefer good conversation or quiet study to revelry. His neighbors regard him as someone who spends his days puttering around his library, researching any odd topic that captures his interest.

In short, Beragon is a gentleman scholar, happy to pass his days in peace and quiet. At least, that is, until recently. If he hides any dark secrets from his days as an adventurer or in the court of the Longhouse Emperors, they have not yet come to light. As for why the sudden interest in the Recollection, I can’t say. Not yet, at any rate. What about them has drawn him out of his quiet retirement?

I’ll report again when I find out more.

Respectfully submitted,

Tribune Alea Idolus

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