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Medora Direnni


Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall.

An Altmer of Direnni Clan. She lives in Direnni Tower, also known as Adamantium Tower. She was the personal sorceress and secret lover of the former king of Daggerfall, King Lysandus. After the death of King Lysandus, the dowager Queen Mynisera banished her out of the Daggerfall court. She went back to her island kingdom of Balfiera.

Medora helped the agent of Uriel Septim VII to soothe the spirit of King Lysandus which was haunting Daggerfall. She directed the agent to procure Dust of Restful Death in order to converse with the dead king. The agent eventually managed to soothe Lysandus and Lysandus and his spectral army left Daggerfall.